Episode Review: Fuuto Tantei ep 10: The Street and the City

Crime in the Windless City…
Another case has ended and a new arc kicks in! It’s been a while since we have Tokime being in the spotlight. After some old-school duo-detective time, it’s good to have our main heroine getting some screentime.

A certain man somehow got lost in “Shadow Fuuto”, and his relatives asked Shotaro’s agency to find him. From there, Tokime by chance found a way to re-enter that city. You would find the process of how she got there amusing, as she tried to connect the dot by herself while accompanying Shotaro, finally “shaping up to be a real detective assistant” . And you would definitely be amazed by our girl as she tried her best to give the team crucial information about the city with no winds. Working with Shotaro has definitely affected her in a lot of good ways, and no better way for the staffs to show it off by making her go through hardships and overcome it.

They finally addressed the question that viewers have been wanting to shred some light on: Tokime’s origin and her Memory. It was revealed to anime watchers (not so much manga readers) that Tokime’s memory is indeed the Joker Memory – which is Shotaro’s counterpart. This shocked everyone as it makes Tokime’s and Shotaro’s encounter seems…fateful. But also ask the question as to if Tokime’s fascination with Shotaro is just pure emotion or an attraction between the same Memory. This makes Tokime quite nervous as she has a complex about her origin as well as purpose. This will be a good chance to reaffirm her position and for Shotaro to “show off” his hardboiledness again (and fail lol).

One interesting aspect that comes along, is the enemy. For Brachiosaurus, a shota. A SHOTA, holy hell I did not see that coming. And him addressing Tokime definitely means she has a connection with STREET. And of course, he put on that smug bocchan attitude which is kinda like a young Kaiba Seto.

Putting that aside, that new enemy sure was dangerous. Tanked 2 Maximum Drives without a scratch, even damaging Accel’s armor, not to mention he is not even in the main boss group, sure makes my blood boil. But even so, my man is quite loose-lipped despite those tight muscle, he essentially spill a lot of info despite not even in danger. With such surface knowledge, I think Bando is just using him as a front guard for Shadow Fuuto.

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