Episode Review: Fuuto Tantei ep 9: The Ultimate Double: XTREME!!

Another episode ended, wrapped up another arc. left us another wait. Did not expect both Xtreme and the final boss (for now) showed up in front of our Kamen Riders, also, an unexpected “chad” appeared. Let’s dive into the episode.

We started the episode with the reveal of this arc’s culprit. Accidentally, the identity of this one was spoiled in Vietnamese subtitles at the end of episode 8, as Shoutarou said “So it was you”, the “you” in Vietnamese subtitles was “bà”, which means “grandmother” or “an aged woman” in English. But still, it was a clever reveal for such a final boss: the grandmother of Kuya. Although it was quite easy to deduce from the revelation of Alcohol’s users.

Xtreme henshin was pretty cool as well, not as extravagant as Accel’s, but the effect and sound is still very well done. The combat is actually quite standard for the debut. Nothing too flashy, except for the very cool W Extreme Memory Break.

With her revelation comes a new term: High Dope, a new type of enemy, an “evolution” dopant that dopant users will receive some kind of superpower, and be able to use it even when they do not transform. This made the risk higher for our hero while also advancing an aspect of KRW’s world. High Dope is dangerous enough that Kamen Rider W was forced to use Extreme, their most powerful form. Even though as Phillip said, with Extreme, they will be able to finish her too easily, she is also the “weakest” high dope that we have seen so far. The fight will be tougher and tougher than ever before.

It’s also note-worthy that Tokime subconsciously have knowledge of that word, despite none of the characters have spoken it before (except Bando when he’s alone). And Shotaro and Phillip did notice it, so they may have felt there’s something amiss there. This would be interesting down the line when the truth is revealed.

Speaking of advancing an aspect of KRW’s world, Terui can now use Accel Trial without the countdown. Seeing him fighting with Scream Dopant is so pleasurable that I have high hopes for the debut of Accel Upgrade. We only have seen it only one time, and it was in a spin-off movie, not in the main TV series, so I would love to see it more.

The henshin of Aurora dopant, was surprisingly great. It’s simple, but with a kick in music makes him (álso Sceam and Brachiosaurus) so menacing. But something rise above all, which is: Kuya. At first, we definitely regarded him as a super spoiled rich guy who has had a dozen golden spoon in his mouth since the day he was born. But even when he lost literally everything – his wealth, his only family, and even his crush – he didn’t falter, but became even more determined to make it on his own. A very example of a man among men here. He’ll definitely succeed and will one day met his girl again.

Such a chad.

Next episode New cases? Or new plot for the character?

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