Kit review: HG SRWOG Huckebein Mk-III

Mao Industries developed this Super Personal Trooper as part of the SRX Project, which was reactivated after the L5 Campaign. It is based on the Hückebein Mk-II and fully incorporates the know-how from the SRX Project and EOT technology (Extra-Over Technology/alien super technology). It was developed with the concept of creating a compact, high-performance SRX. 
HG Huckebein Mk-III was released nearly 1 year after its predecessor kit, HG Huckebein Mk-II, was released.

– Info: 
HG SRWOG Dygenguar
Series: Super Robot Wars Original Generations
Price: 5720 yen
Release date: Aug 26, 2023


– Design: Externally, the Huckebein Mk-III resembles the Mk-II more than other Huckebein versions. However, when looking closely, both designs are almost completely different, and the Mk-III has a more purple tone than the MK-II. Details have been redesigned to be more compact, especially in the body and armour around the hips. The biggest difference between the two versions is that the Mk-III backpack is integrated with 4 small thrusters and the “Multi-trace Missile” system instead of wing thrusters, making it look larger.

– Build quality: HG Huckebein Mk-III also uses Bandai’s Ecopla recycled plastic material. The plastic is still very good, although you need to be a little careful when handling the nubs in the purple parts, which is a colour that easily stains the nubs. In addition, this kit is very well separated, so there is almost no need to use decals (even though they only have a few small details).

– Articulation: This is the biggest plus point in this kit. The movement range of this kit is quite high, so it can create dynamic poses extremely well. The neck joint is a double joint that helps the head push forward quite well. The shoulder armour can be pushed forward and up to help the arms move flexibly. The waist joint uses a double joint system with 4 joint positions for deep crunches. The front and rear hip armour can both move, greatly supporting the movement range of the legs. The knees can be bent as deeply as possible thanks to the double joint system. The foot joint is a swivel joint that supports standing positions greatly. Not only that, the two sides of the backpack can also move to ensure they don’t get in the way when posing.

– Accessories & Gimmicks: Literally an improved version of the Huckebein Mk-II, the Mk-III version also has the same amount of equipment:

+ X1 Photon Rifle: This rifle is the one with the MK-II version. When not in use, it can be attached to the back of the hip armour.

+ X2 Beam Swords: 2 sabers similar to the usual beam sabers of Gundam. When not in use, they are mounted below the rear hip armour.

+ X1 Graviton Rifle: A large rifle is held in the right hand. It’s like a miniature version of the G-Impact Cannon that the Mk-II uses. But instead of holding it with both hands and connecting it to the hip armour to stabilise it, the Graviton Rifle only needs to be held with one hand.

+ X1 Fang Slasher: The weapon is shaped like a cross shuriken. It operates similarly to the Mk-II’s Chakram Shooter but does not use an extension cord. When not used, it folds up with a locking latch and attaches to the left hand. You can use HG TWFM’s specialised effect base to attach it.

+ X2 Multi-trace Missile: Two missile container systems are mounted on both sides of the backpack. When used, they are separated and opened to reveal the missile details inside. You can attach them using HG TWFM’s specialised effect base.

Like other HG SRW OG kits, this kit also comes with an Action Base 5 set.
–> Overall: HG SRWOG Huckebein Mk-III continues to be a high-quality kit following its predecessor, Huckebein Mk-II. Its two characteristics that make it high-quality are its articulation with a high movement range and its weapon system with many interesting gimmicks. In particular, the Huckebein Mk-III will be even better when combined with the HG AM Gunner or AM Boxer (both are P-Bandai products sold separately).