Spring 2023: The Lone Season of Giant Robots

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After a tumultuous Winter season with 3 series but only one made it through without any issue, the next Spring season isn’t looking too stacked either. Regardless, we have the flagship of all mecha – Gundam – that will undoubtedly keep the interest alive. Aside from Gundam, we have some other series that will hopefully add some spices to the mix.

Usually when the new season rolls around, fans will either be excited for new shows or sorta deflated that a good show has just ended. But Spring 2023 is in a pretty weird spot. Last season there were three series: Nier: Automata, Megaton Musashi X and Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War. Northern War was the only series that made it through the season without any production issues, however, its quality was subpar. Musashi X was a sequel that fans have been anticipated off the hood of a very well-done but undermarketed season 1, but it also got hit with two major delays as well as a rushed ending due to the game not doing very well. Nier: Automata continues the A1 Studio curse when it also got two major delays – one for 3 weeks and the latest one is indefinite – which means the series will also continue into this season.

But let’s look on the bright side, after one season break, this season welcomes back the newest Mobile Suit phenomenon – The Witch from Mercury. The show’s second season promises answers and some amazing visual spectacles as well as potentially the best conspiracy plot the franchise has seen in a loooong while. Witch from Mercury has used a great blend of 3D and 2D for the animation last season, as well as some pretty cool soundtrack, so if they keep this up, season 2 will be pretty awesome with all of the new designs they teased recently. The series will go on air every Sunday starting from April 9th.

Now we come to anime’s newest powerhouse: Netflix. Netflix has been investing in a lot of animes as their “originals” by reserving their distribution rights. First we have the conclusion for the adaptation of the ULTRAMAN manga. The Final Season – which is the third instalment – will cap off the series’ animated adaptation. With how the story has changed drastically in season 2, we expect the FINAL season to go feature new events and plot as the teaser did say “goodbye to Ultraman”. While the manga is still going for quite a long while, the anime will end this year. The release date is May 11th.

Furthermore, we’ll get a Netflix original series – Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune. It’s based on a scifi novel by Carlo Zen published in 2017. The series will be produced by studio ARECT and from the PV, it will be fully CGI. The PV shows a group of soldier fighting in a futuristic dystopia. The visual is very similar to BLAME but without the atmospheric intensity. The series is slated to release in May.

Now aside from the usual new series, we also get the continuation of Nier: Automata (if it ever get continued at all!). The series is currently at episode 8. After the 3rd episode, the series was delayed for 3 weeks, then after another 5 ep, A-1 studio announced another indefinite hiatus of the broadcast due to Covid situation. This is not the first time they were hit with delays, as the final 2 episodes of the Eighty Six anime got delayed for 3 months.
Honorable mention to Alice Gear Aegis Expansion, the anime is an adaptation of the mobile game about Mecha Musumes fighting against aliens. While there are “some” action segment, the anime will largely focus on the lifestyle aspect and training of the girls. But if you’re into Frame Arms Girl or Busou Shinki style, this anime maybe a good watch. It started on April 4th and will have 12 episodes.

Furthermore, on May 17th, the Blu-Ray of Soukyuu no Fafner: Behind the Line will be released. The OVA take place between the Heaven and Earth movie and Exodus. While the studio stated that this OVA is all about the peaceful life of the Tatsumiyajima’s resident, it is Fafner so expect some PTSD at least.

And for the gamers, with Gundam Breaker Mobile and Code Geass: Genesic Recode shutting down, there’s not much to look forward to just yet. However, Muv-Luv Alternative: Dimensions – a remake of Immortals – *might* launch in June. With the development of the game being in hell for so long and a disastrous launch, we definitely aren’t holding our breath for this one.
All in all, it seems we’ll get at least a decent season with good shows – Nier and Gundam has proven that they are quite above average in both the writing and quality aspect, hopefully they won’t be hit with other production issues. Aside from that, Netflix is slowly swinging their hammer, but the quality is still very questionable as their show’s been hit-and-miss in the writing department, and the heavy use of CG isn’t helping them. Overall, let’ look forward to this season and hope for an even better next one.