Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark DreiZehn Kai “Chronos” – Soukyuu no Fafner: The Beyond

The number thirteen is most often associated with bad luck. And truly so, all of Mark Dreizehn’s pilot hasn’t been the most fortunate. But the unit also play a crucial role in making sure everyone on Tatsumiya have a future. After Canon’s heroic sacrifice, the unit was inherited by Kurusu Misao – a Festum from a friendly Mir. Kurusu and the reborn Mark DreiZehn fought alongside Tatsumiyajima’s pilot to take back the azure sky.

I. History:
– After Canon’s disappearance, the unit was temporarily left in storage even though it suffered no damage. While the Expedition Force was attacked by the aggressive Neo UN army, Kurusu and his ship arrived to help them, and Kurusu officially joined the Island’s fighting force.

– By the time of the Fifth Operation Azure, the DreiZehn has been upgraded and given to Kurusu. He regularly used it during battle and rarely assume his Festum form anymore. Due to the unit’s SDP, Kurusu can sometimes get visions of his future, and he once saw his death. This prompted him to ask Miwa to let him assimilate her so that he could live longer. But it didn’t happen and Kurusu ran away crying.

– His vision proved to be true: during the Sixth Operation Azure, Kurusu fought directly against Chaos – a corrupted Jonathan Bartland – and his new Mark Raison. The Mark Raison was too powerful for him and his Fafner was forced to use Fenrir. The unit was destroyed as well as Kurusu, but his core miraculously remained intact and fell down to the ocean. As long as his core survive, he can be reborn.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark DreiZehn Kai is given the name “”Chronos” (the god of Time) due to its unique SDP. The Chronos was equipped with the Einherjar module that Canon designed, allowing SDP (Super Dimensional Power) to manifest in the Fafner and its pilot. For the original Mark DreiZehn, the Fafner show its pilot possible far futures and allow the pilot to interact with those futures to find the best path according to the pilot’s wish. The Chronos show its pilot a more immediate time – seconds after the present. It shows the pilot possible paths immediately after the present time so the pilot can choose the path he/she wants. It’s a much more combat oriented version of the DreiZehn’s SDP. Using this, Kurusu can avoid possible attacks coming from his blind spot.

– The Chronos also received two extra thrust modules on its shoulders to to increase its mobility, which is more suitable to Kurusu’s fighting style. Furthermore, he can also “summon” his own Festum swarm to fight for him. Kurusu’s swarm is indicated by a redder color compared to the golden color of other hostile Festum swarm.

– Kurusu was always seen to use the Luger Lance as his weapon of choice. The DreiZehn doesn’t have any special firepower-boosting abilities, but its mobility and SDP make it a force to reckon with on the battlefield. The only threat to him is Festum or Mir with stronger assimilation power – such as the Mark Raison. The unit’s also equipped with Fenrir just like all other Fafner units.

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