Kyoukai Senki episode 19 – A moment of respite

Howdy, I did not expect this episode to be… kinda fun, informative and also a great plot twist at the end. They did surprise me, I ain’t lie about that. That plot twist, while not the newest thing that I have ever seen, but the way it was built up was great. Enough of that, let’s jump to into the episode.

This one served as a relaxing, “a room for the audience to take a breath” sort of episode, so not many things I could review for you guys. It did not have spectacular 2D mech scenes, nor emotional Sakugas, but it was still enjoyable to some degree, in my opinion.

The trio I-LeS are the stars of this episodes, as this is probably the first time the script have dedicate screentime to them. It’s kinda funny that this was the first time you could see the almighty I-LeS somehow couldn’t unravel the secret that Amou’s gang has tried to keep from Gai, Nayuta and Kei. Seeing them tried their best, even “blackmailing” some of the Yatagarasu’s members is quite interesting, especially through “blackmailing” you learnt the background of some characters that you know like Kumai, Masaki,… It becomes a great excuse for the staff to let you know those information without breaking the flow of the story. And by the way, if you don’t want your secrets to be found out, then make sure the devices holding those information are cutting off from the Internet, just like what Amou’s gang did in this episode.

Like I have said, this episode does not have many mind-blowing stuff to tell you without spoiling all of it as I tried as much as I can to avoid it, but that unexpected twist at the end though, man I did not see that coming. It came so naturally that you could not feel any foreshadowing to it, a great way to deliver the punch, while letting 99% of the episode to be a goofy, relax episode, that 1% is quite enough to do the deed. Kudos to the staffs.

Now next episode, NA goes alone, Brad is becoming more and more of a villain, and factions meeting. Can’t wait to see.


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