Kit Review: Moderoid Mark Sein – Soukyuu No Fafner

Anata wa…soko ni imasu ka?

Fafner Mark Sein – The aspect of Existence – is a Salvator Model created by the Neo U.N. and comes in a pair with the Mark Nicht – the aspect of Nothingness. The unit was granted to Kazuki Makabe – the main character of the series. The Sein possess powerful abilities such as Reverse Assimilation, Weapon Assimilation and Festum Brainwash. The Mark Sein was originally used and can only be used by Makabe Kazuki until he gave it to Miwa Hino in the Beyond. The GSC Moderoid version is the Miwa’s piloted one in the Beyond.

Good Smile Company – Moderoid – Fafner Mark Sein
Series:  Fafner in the Azure
Price: 5,000 yen
Release date: Jul 2021

Design: Mark Sein was designed by Naohiro Washio, a famous Mecha designer in the industry who designed Mecha for series like Valvrave, Gundam series and even Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari. To talk about the uniqueness of his designs, it is impossible not to mention the body, especially the abdomen, which is always weird and strange. and so is the Fafners, they have oddly shaped bodies and crooked organic limbs. GSC’s Morderoid version did a good job replicating the looks of every joint in the body. Also, the color is great, the Moderoid Mark Sein doesn’t have to come with any stickers, especially with the main color being white and the secondary colors are blue and black, GSC has done a good job with the color separation.

Build quality: as the first Fafner model of Moderoid, I have to say that the Mark Sein model just barely lived up to my expectations. Although it is a latecomer in the Moderoid line, it cannot be said that the plastic quality is completely suitable for assembly. Still, the quality of plastic has also improved a lot compared to the first products. However, there are some parts that need to use the right force to push in to keep the model firm, but that’s why it causes quite a lot of uncomfortable during assembly.

Articulation: the articulation is very flexible. It can do almost every pose in the anime or any pose you can think of. Almost all the Moderoid Mark Sein joints can be rotated a full 360 degrees. Because of that that it can turn into almost every weird shape you can think of due to the weird joint angle of the design. However, this Moderoid still has 1 main weakness in the shoulder part, the amplitude of Mark Sein’s shoulder is not high compared to the Robot Damashii version, it can be said to be a bit bad. Besides, because there’s weird joint engineering, the owner must be careful when posing because otherwise, it will loosen the model joint.

– Gimmick & Accessories: Mark sein’s gimmick is an improved version of RD in parts. The crystal pieces of glass look sharper, more beautiful. Also it doesn’t provide a gun like the RD version but this one is the Beyond version where it uses the Lances exclusively. Besides 2 Lances and hand crystal, there are some accessories such as: connection part to the base, a blue fin effect part for the back, 2 open palms, 2 closed fists, 2 weapon-holding hands.

Overall: Moderoid Mark Sein is pretty good to pose and play. GSC did their best and it is an big improvement compared to earlier models, although the shoulders were more limited than the RD, and the few bolts made assembly quite difficult, it isn’t a deal-breaker in anyway. The design of the head and chest has also tweaked the proportions a lot compared to the RD version to make it more balance. To compare the two versions of Moderoid and RD, both have their own good points and weak points. if you’re a fan of the series, I think the small flaws won’t be enough to discourage you from buying this. Besides, if GSC didn’t release it, who would do for fans? We’ve been waiting for a Fafner model for years and years, and now GSC are releasing them, even other units such as Mark Nicht and Alles.