Ultraman Blazar ep 6: Earth Garron Ex Machina

After the special episode, Blazar returned to the main story with quite an explosive episode. This one focus on the mechanic of the team: Yasunobu. Blazar once again go with a humorous approach to potentially a world-ending threat. Yasunobu definitely stole this episode with a very ridiculous “showing” (if you know what I mean).

We started with a very cliche development for government worker: overwork. Of course, your team has 1 lead mechanic and has to maintain an arsenal full of prototype weapons + a giant mecha dinosaur, it’s gonna take a toll on you. The rest of the team couldn’t help much so Yasunoby had to shoulder the responsibility. He collapsed from overwork and had to take a few days off.

We also get to see some corporate management in SKaRD, but it’s played more like a family thing where the dad didn’t really pay attention to one of his children and he fell sick due to working/studying too much. Despite being quite responsible in the first 3 episodes, our father-of-the-household is dropping the bar these recent eps by missing some important details about his team member’s condition. Well Gento is playing the out-of-touch type now with having to ask others on how to deal with his younger members.

The tomatoes were kinda funny though. Especially with all the things happening with Gundam G-Witch and the special episode is a funny jab towards Sunrise/Bandai, it makes this moment all the more hilarious. I wonder why many people think tomatoes is a great stand-alone veggie meant to eat raw and stuff. Sure it’s ok for 1-2 bites but I’d definitely want to cook it with other things. Also the director definitely used Yasunobu’s actor to the fullest in this episode. He gave Yasunobu the usual funky trait where he treats an inanimate object as a sentient friend – which is commonly seen in people with high stress and/or small children.

And here comes the threat. Basically it’s Rise of the Machines sort where an alien race aim to give machineries sentience so they can revolt against humanity. It’s a more novel approach to just simply hijacking the machines themselves or directly controlling them with something. This alien’s scheme relies solely on the machine’s “emotion” and if they don’t intend to revolt, then they’re screwed and their whole plan would fall apart. It is actually a good approach for other dystopian AI/cyberpunk series where humans cannot live without technology but relying too much on them.

Yasunobu show off his intense emotional care for his machines in this episode, which was very good. Once again a member of Skard put himself in harm’s way in order to stop a nefarious ploy and protect the Earth. Yasunobu’s emotional range and body language in this episode is extremely good. He got the best focus episode right now with Emi at a close second. Also the fact that he’s overworked so hard he fainted but dude’s more ripped than even Titas. I bet this episode attract a lot of female fan. I thought Gento was handsome, but Yasunobu really smashed that notion. Dude’s an absolute unit.

This week’s action is pretty standard. More so because Blazar was just trying to restraint Earth Garron. And the fight ended early thanks to Yasunoby convincing Earth Garron to stop going berserk. One unique thing this ep is Blazar’s weird skill. It’s borderline body horror when he contorted his torso like that. In previous episode he showed that he can literally bend his back so far back he can form a bridge and then spring up without any issue, well in this one he literally spin 3-4 circles before releasing his body like a spring to finally took out the bad guys. This show how unhinged Blazar fighting style can be.


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