Synduality: Noir Ep 7 Review: My Wonderful Master

Well in this episode 7 we seem to have a lot to talk about. From Kanata’s background to Ciel’s identity. I thought that after the last ep, Ciel would split up and say goodbye to Kanata’s group until I watched this ep. This onee-chan seems to continue to accompany Kanata’s group until the final episodes. Though I feel like with her position there’s a chance that there’s a big flag awaiting her ahead. Besides this episode just turned the series into Macross Frontier, let’s see what it is.

To start the story of this episode with the main characters going to be Kanata and Ciel, of course we have to temporarily leave Noir aside, and there’s no better excuse than taking her out for maintenance lol and they even took Mouton out of the episode so that Tokio couldn’t be of any help to Kanata and let him do everything by himself. And to be honest, this episode 8bit studio did a good job, focusing on Kanata and Ciel makes this ep more character dynamic focused, but the part where Ellie and Ange go visit Kanata is like another nail in the coffin for her since she now has to compete against not one but two amazing Magus.

Besides, I’m pretty sure that the organization Ciel is working for is the same organization that appeared in episode 5, probably not because they’re looking for a Zero-type Magus but looking for Noir who through Ciel’s story is probably related to the key to Historire and by chance Kanata was also searching there.

As for Kanata , we have the typical main character type of shounen anime. Has specific dream -checked, likes to stick his nose into other people’s problems – checked, kind and ultra dense – also checked. In this episode we get to see a bit of his past, why Kanata treats Maguses like a human, or why he is trying so hard to find the legendary city of Histoire. If Synduality gets a season 2 I can guess he will become a cool character and comeback again and have a big role of season 2 (Like seed and seed destiny I guess). His family history reminded me of Aruto Hiden from Kamen Rider Zero-One, having an android parent and want to treat both the same way.

About Ciel onee-chan, starting as an information-gathering spy and ending with being a good boy’s housewife. Ciel is somehow like an older sister living the bachelorette life because she couldn’t find the right one, working a temporary job until she met Kanata. It’s funny how in the span of one day, she went from “we have to remove the threat towards the organization” to “this man set my heart ablaze, I love him”. But let’s just say, Ciel is a teenage boy’s dream. A blonde and good at housework onee-chan goes to live with a young guy and she even considers Kanata now more important than her mission, welp even me jealous of this.

And this episode’s fight scene has a lot of Macross homage. The scene where Daisy Ogre maneuvering around the terrain and attacks, the Enders are called spacemen, a little Itano circus and of course not to mention singing during combat. We can see that Kanata’s piloting skill has improved and he doesn’t panic when facing the Enders anymore. He calmly assessed the situation and ask Ciel to fight alongside him right off the bat. While Ciel is definitely not new to combat, her supporting style is different from Noir, yet Kanata was able to adapt instantly. This proves that, Kanata will improve even more and also with the 2 magus his fighting style will become more flexible.

Next is the highlight of this episode in terms of audio, there are 2 songs sung in this episode, the first is Daydream which is sung when Ciel is on stage at the ruins, the second is Genwaku Desire which she sang at the fight scene. I feel both are good, but personally I like Daydream better, Genwaku Desire I feel is a bit industrial and the song still doesn’t have a specific color which is suitable for the character and series context. The Daydream sequence also contains a lot of emotion from Ciel to Kanata and it looks very beautiful and full of humanity, which is a nice contrast to her stoic tone when “reporting”.

Overall, I hope Ciel will tell Kanata about the organization’s intentions soon, or attempt to stop him from messing with them. Ciel is like Sheryl going all-out to capture her man’s heart while also wanting to shelter him even if it means hindering his dreams. However, putting that aside for now because the next episode is a fan service episode, with swimsuits and swimming pools, and I’m sure everyone already knows what the plot of this type of anime episodes like this gonna be.

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