Synduality: Noir Ep 6 Review: Casino and Diva

Episode 6 of Synduality starts with the rain scene, and Tokio, as the best bro like the real “bestbro” will definitely lead Kanata to some kind of naughty place again. If last time it was Desire nest with brothels and related to the sin of lust, this time it’s Baccarat nest where it is related to the sin of greed (I’m really looking forward to seeing if Synduality makes enough nests for 7 sins or not lol). Besides, we also meet the characters from the previous episodes, as bound by fate an old acquaintance will help Kanata and Kanata will help another old acquaintance.

it is often said that the person who does not gamble is the wise one, the one who gambles is the loser, but I think the winners are players who know moderation and aren’t the “goody-two shoes” in the eyes of women (seriously, I know that women only like bad boys because they look attractive.) However, it looks like Tokio is the loser this time and more surprised even Mouton fell into this gambling trap. Next is Kurokamen – the “first time” gentleman, I’m beginning to think that although Schnee’s story of this guy is seriously trying to find the “key” to his life beliefs, but the context in which Kanata met him is not serious all the time (bro should try to find your thing in some places else not in some sin nests lol). S lot of people think he’s a ‘Char’s clone’ but I see him as the type who has the older brother’s supportive vibes behind the younger siblings. If Tokio is like Kurz Weber, Kurokamen is more like Belfangan Clouseau from FMP. Up until now, I think he’s too faint to be a big villain later on but also too mysterious to be an ally.

Then we encounter the Magus we met during Range’s episode: Ciel. In that episode she was wearing casual clothes but in this one, she dons a stunning dress that show off a very mature aura.About Ciel she is the real captured princess of this episode waiting for hero Kanata to save her. She is a masterless magus herself and is looking for her master and besides that I’m pretty sure she’s also a zero type magus. Hopefully she will meet a good drifter and have an important role later in the plot.

A little more about Kurokamen, he’s really the mvp of this episode and he’s also quite chad. Schnee said: “he is now like an innocent child fumbling about in the darkness, this makes him more than gullible than he looks”. With just one line, it fully shows what kind of person kurokamen is and makes viewers more and more interested in this character. He is like a lost child, trying to struggle in the dark and find his answer, an answer just for him. But it seems like fate didn’t abandon him because besides that he still has Schnee and his luck at the casino (complete opposite to Kanata who lost all his money lol).

I said that Kanata still has a lot of room for improvement in the previous volume, right? In this episode, he showed viewers a significant improvement along with his own belief that has led him to become better little by little. He was able to defeat many other Drifters, had effective tactics and coordinated with Noir. In fact, at this point the kanata is much stronger than before and has also beaten many Drifters have longer experienced than him. It is precisely because of this continuous progress and somewhat naive ideals that is probably the factor that makes viewers feel some respect for this character and also makes other Drifters like Tokio and Kurokamen willing to help Kanata.

The music part is short but the 2 songs that Ciel performed really impressed me (or it’s just 1 song i’m not sure, we have to wait until the ost cd of Synduality is released). Along with the bar singer style, Ciel sang pretty standard songs with an early Diva heisei singing. Besides, Ciel’s seiyuu – Nagisa Aoyama although this is only her second role in her seiyuu career, but with the starting point of Ren Hazuki’s seiyuu 1 character in the Love Live series, I think she will do well with this Ciel role.

Overall, This episode is a milestone episode of many important things. We are told that Noir’s ability is to use thunder and also in an instant she changed into a black state like her Noir name. Tokio and Mouton are naked like two perverts who run out of money and get kicked out of the casino and Ciel’s song is good too. Hopefully we can hear that song in its entirety in the next episodes.

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