Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 14: Dead End

Megaton Musashi is in the end game now (at least for season 2), and they have to tie up the major plot points and provide some sort of conclusion. And this episode just went balls to the wall and throw everything they have left at the wall and see what sticks. Although the production quality is high, the pacing and events are quite disoriented.

First, Yamato rescuing Kojiro using Force Ghost/Newtype magic was pretty funny (and silly). We saw that sort of psychic and supernatural before with Yamato himself as well as Reiji. But usually they are for offensive purpose and boost performance of the Megaton-class, not purge an evil personality. Kojirou’s issue was resolved in a pretty convenient way. Even though the Musashi X did fought the Yoshitsune quite a bit, it’s still a bit of a quick resolution for a boss battle. Nevertheless, the Kabuki Function of Musashi X was really cool.

Then we get the Hero’s sacrifice for Yamato. It’s also nonsense for Yamato to leave Kojirou in the Musashi cockpit and went to Yoshitsune’s on his own. Nevertheless, it was his choice – a reckless one at that. Then the grunts start flooding in and the Yamato didn’t have time to evacuate (which is also silly if he just power up his Newtype power). As rushed as it is, the farewell scene between Yamato, Teru and Ryuugo was pretty emotional, and Yamato is definitely heroic. And that explosion should have guaranteed a sure-kill. But if you know another character with the name Yamato, then you should know, main characters with Yamato in the name have godlike plot armor and they are nigh unkillable.

But of course, there is one person that doesn’t know that – and that’s the most important person to Yamato: Princess Arshem. Her cries of pain and her flashbacks are like knives in our heart (before we got to the ending that is). Grieffas’ true plot was revealed and it’s soooo freaking dumb. However, Arshem’s transformation due to grief and pain was amazing to see. Her entire reason for fighting was taken away from her, and she has filled that void with vengeance – the opposite of what Yamato promised her. The transformation was absolutely gory and horrific, and it goes to show how much Yamato meant to Arshem. Furthermore, that special ending song was another stab in the heart. It was a beautiful song and depict a perfect life between two ordinary people in love…But that’s just a fantasy…that hasn’t become reality…yet.

And then we get a glimpse of the real antagonist – and of course it’s freaking Takehito Koyasu again. The series set them up as godlike beings that essentially manipulated the Sidr into mass-genocide. But there’s only 1 episode left, and the preview setup a pretty big battle. It would be pretty anti-climactic if the Elzeds got yeeted in one episode after being setup to be some major villains. And that “tease” of Yamato’s legs is probably the fastest “resurrection” in mecha anime – even faster than Inaho or Amou. Despite all that, the anime is still beautiful to look at and the fight scene is badass.

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