Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Ein Kai “Specter” – Soukyuu no Fafner: The Beyond

A Fafner unit briefly used in Dead Agressor and then forgotten until the Beyond, the Fafner Mark Eins was retrofitted by Alvis with their latest technology. But unfortunately, it fell into the hands of the Benon faction of the Festum. Once a normal Fafner units with no notable characteristics or abilities, the Mark Eins has been reborn with a terrifying power, capable of rival that of the strongest Fafner units and pilots. Due to its SDP, the new Mark Eins Kai was bestowed the codename of a phantom – Specter.

I. History:
– The Fafner Mark Ein used to be a first generation Nothung-model constructed onTatsumiya Island along with the Mark Zwei. Its original pilot was Minashiro Soushi. However, due to an accident that led to an injury on his left eye, he wasn’t able to pilot it, instead operating the Siegfried system. The Mark Ein was then put in storage without a pilot.

– After the desertion of two UN Fafner pilots from their squadron – Michio Hino and Canon Memphis, the Mark Eins was then assigned to Michio after his UN Fafner was destroyed. Michio piloted the Fafner to defend the Island, but unfortunately, he lost his life while fighting. The Mark Eins was then once again put into hibernation.

– The Mark Ein never made an appearance in Exodus, but after Canon designed the Einherjar module to amplify a Fafner’s SDP and slow down the assimilation phenomenon, all Fafners on the Island was retrofitted with it, including the Mark Ein. Some time between the ending of Exodus and the beginning of The Beyond, the Mark Ein was stolen from Alvis by Maris Excelsior – an Esperanto – who defected to Benon. The unit was then given to Legato – a Festum who assume a human appearance just like Misao Kurusu. But he assume the looks of Michio Hino – the late Mark Ein pilot.

– During Benon’s battle with Tatsumiya team, the Mark Ein Kai was heavily damaged by Kazuki’s Mark Alles and Legato almost lost his life due to overusing his ability, but he survived thanks to Miwa’s blessing and retreated along with the rest of his comrades.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Ein (Eins is “1” in German) is a first-generation Nothung-model. The Ein shares the same silhouette with the Mark Elf, Mark Drei and Mark Sechs. It has a gray color scheme. The Mark Ein’s height should be about 40-meter, which is the standard height of Tatsumiya’s Fafner unit.

– The Mark Ein should have the same fixed armaments as other Island Fafner units, which are the Mine Blade, Razing Cutters and Knuckle Guard. However, the unit was only shown to use the Razing Cutters among the internal weapons. For melee, Michio used the Long Sword – a two-edged energy blade that can cut through Festum with ease. For ranged weapon, the Mark Ein uses the GARM-44 – a rifle with conventional ammunition.

– When upgraded to the Mark Ein Kai “Specter”, the unit gains new armor and backpack similar to the other Einherjar units. The chest, shoulder and armor has clear red parts as well as three Einherjar modules equipped on its chest and hips. For weapons, its basic loadout is a Luger Lance – the iconic Tatsumiya Fafner weapon.

– When upgraded with Einherjar and given to Legato, the Mark Ein Kai gains the SDP of mimicking its opposition looks and abilities. The Specter has copied the Mark DreiZehn Kai “Chronos”, Mark Vier Kai “Abaddon”, the Mark Sieben Kai “Azrael” and ultimately the Mark Alles. Although due to Kazuki and Mark Alles’ immense power, Legato wasn’t able to fully copied its appearance and abilities, but rather just a similar shadowy silhouette. When the Specter is copying another Fafner, it can also uses the same weapon and SDP as the original, although to a lesser effect based on how powerful the Fafner is. When using this ability, Legato sacrifices his life-force. When he copied the Mark Alles, he almost ran out of lifeforce and almost turned to dust.

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