Ultraman Blazar ep 7: The Rainbow Cometh

After fleshing out the rest of the team, this week’s episode refocuses on Gento. And we also get his teacher, Kazunori Yokomine, who is a leading kaiju researcher and a former GGF academy professor. It also explores the two’s clash of ideas of “What is Kaiju”. The Kaiju that’s featured this episode is Nijikagachi, a Kaiju who is revered as a bringer of rain.

First of all, I like how the development from last week’s episode applies here, where Gento ask Yasunobu to not push himself too much on his task to complete Earth Garron Mod. 2 by the next month. Of course, this is due to the summer heat that is so intense that Teruaki’s family’s farm suffers the effect. On top of that, there’s a report of upside-down rainbows showing up across Japan for seven days, which is not normal. Said rainbow is believed to be the harbinger of rain so this could be the blessing they’re looking for in that intense heat, or couldn’t it?

Noticing the anomality of the situation, Gento decided to meet up with his teacher, Kazunori Yokomine, who is a currently researching about kaiju related to rainbow. Kazunori himself is a chill old man at first. It’s a joy to see the interaction between him and Gento, until he brings up the rainbow incident that they’re beginning to have a clash of ideas. Kazunori views Nijikagachi as a force of nature that should be respected, while Gento consider it or any Kaiju in general as monsters that has to be eliminated if they threaten human’s lives (Lord Dorgo is one of the exceptions since it’s not really a threat).

Exploring the nature of Kaiju is always interesting to me. Are Kaiju just a bunch of destructive monsters or are there more to them that meets the eye? Kazunori proposed the idea that humanity and Kaiju used to live in harmony, and Nijikagachi is the symbol of that. This is proven not only in this episode, but also in the episode with Lord Dorgo. Back then, Nijikagachi was revered and worshipped as a bringer of rain, bringing an end to a suffering drought. In a similar vein, Lord Dorgo was worshipped as a guardian deity who can make the ground fertile and the water pure. Kazunori also stated that it was humans who are becoming too arrogant and disrupting balance in the world. This is also happened in Episode 5 where Lord Dorgo is disturbed by the weapon testing conducted by SKaRD. On the other hand, what Gento said is also true, if a Kaiju is let loose, it could be a threat to human lives, just like Bazanga, Gedos, Taganular, and Leviera. However, Leviera’s case is different because the reason it was created in the first place is because of Mr. Sonezaki’s thirst of fame. Yes, the one who is rampaging is the Kaiju, but the one who made it happened is the human. This fits with Kazunori’s counter argument that said it’s humans who is rampaging freely and always making the wrong choice. These conflicting ideas are amusing to me, because it lets us to have a different viewpoint about Kaiju’s nature. Not that I fully support Kazunori’s statements, I just find his point of view to be quite interesting.

Nijikagachi itself is one of the most threatening Kaiju to have ever appear in the show so far. Everything thrown at it has no effect. Not only that, it brings stormy rain wherever it goes. Legend has it that the rain it brought is a blessing, but it can turn into a storm and brings disaster to the land if people have evil heart, just like what happened in this episode. This does fits Kazunori’s statement where humans always making the wrong choice, so the stormy rain it brings can be considered as some sort of judgement towards humans.

Knowing the sheer danger of the situation, Gento immediately ordered the squad to deploy Earth Garron. The fight in this episode is more serious with no silly gimmicks, fitting with how the situation is more dire than before. In addition, this fight shows why this Kaiju is revered as a god. A Kaiju wrecking a military weapon is pretty much a commonplace to make way for the Ultra’s spotlight, but for the first time in this show, the Kaiju managed to back the Ultra into a corner to the point where he has to retreat. When Blazar throwing his Spiral Burrade to finish off Nijikagachi, it managed to destroy Blazar’s attack by shooting out its rainbow beam attack, and then shoot its beam while Blazar is bewildered due to his finisher is failed to hit. Fortunately, Blazar managed to “un-rise(?)” himself so that he and his host won’t suffer massive casualties, thus making the beam shot into a mountain.

Just by looking at the impact of the beam shooting into a mountain itself is enough to say that the power of this beam blast is no joke. That beam caused one side of the mountain to burn from top to bottom, and the height of the mountain itself is like many times the size of Nijikagachi. So, the impact of the blast is so massive, and if that beam managed to hit Blazar, the show might be over really quickly. With a Kaiju of that power, I’m curious how Blazar will defeat this Kaiju. Based on the next episode preview, it looks like he would get some sort of new power to defeat this Kaiju, so I’m looking forward for that.


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