Synduality: Noir Ep 8 Review: Pool And Dream

While we have a lot to talk about in episode 7, in episode 8 there are only 3 main focuses, fan service at the pool, Ellie and Kanata’s dream. In the previous episodes, we only saw one Onee-chan appear in one episode and were not related to each other like superheroes in their own movies. This episode, on the occasion of making a fan service episode for Synduality viewers, they did an Ara-Ara assemble. Well, there’s not much things in this episode, so I’ll try to pick the best ones I can to discuss.

This episode begins with Ellie dreaming about the dream that her younger self laughed at Kanata’s dream. Perhaps because Ellie is clearly becoming Ellost recently, the filming team spent an entire episode to reinforce that – the Kanata’s “childhood friend” position. And there’s nothing better than having Maria, Claudia, Flamme and Ange all trying to help Ellie in this fight (but maybe not enough). Besides, they also suggested “suitable” swimsuits for Ellie with the aim of winning Kanata’s heart, but I also wanted to see them in those swimsuits (Come on, fanartists do something, we trust you guys).

About Ellie, her behavior in this episode is like a normal romcom female character. Her tsundere-ness has been biting her in the butts so she is trying to go “the other way” this episode. It’s basically the writer’s way of “keeping things balance” until the eventual waifu showdown. The sequence between Kanata and Ellie alone is great, but I’m not sure if this is some sort of flag for her relationship, because she’s like dead last in the race and suddenly spring forward this episode. On the other hand, I have to hand it to Kanata. The dude’s an oblivious chick magnet that spew out the “like” words too casually without understanding the implications of such words.

As for Ciel and Kanata, it was thanks to Kanata’s innocence that Ciel was able to follow her singing dreams and have a great master as well. But because this is just a Fan service episode with a swimming pool, we can’t relax yet. Will Ciel cut ties with the organization and follow Kanata, or will she still be in a double role? However, through this ep, the lesson learned is never to laugh at other people’s dreams (otherwise you will be karmic) and support them, because maybe a few days later they will be able to do it and earn money for you lol.

The main highlight of this episode is definitely Ciel and her “make money” performance thanks to Tokio. In this episode Ciel looks more cheerful and somewhat younger than her usual appearance. And from the camera angle to the choreography, everything is so idol in this world. However, to say the least, I was hoping that this scene would be rotoscoped like Kaguya-sama’s Chika dance ending for Ciel, it would be even better. and in the beginning of the movie, especially the part where Kanata takes everyone to the swimming pool. I feel that the FPS is not very smooth, especially the mouth movement seems to be frozen and the movements are the same. It’s like that scene lost a few frames.

Overall, The onee-chans were still great this episode and I can see Michael in each of us. Maybe Ellie knew what she had to do and the first thing she did was apologize to Kanata, which I really admire her for because not everyone can sincerely apologize. In the next PV episode, we will meet Ada and Alba, the legendary drifter and magus couple. Although the game hasn’t come out yet, the filmmaker has already put the main character of the game into the anime, which I find quite confusing because all audiences still don’t know what the game character is like. Also, hopefully the next episode will have Ada and Noir interact to learn more about Noir’s past, hopefully both are Zero-type Magus of the same line.

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