Ultraman Blazar ep 5: A Promised Land

This week’s episode overall revolves around Anri and Mizuho as well as their connection to Lord Dorgo – this week’s Kaiju and their hometown’s guardian deity. Anri and Mizuho is a childhood friend who are reunited when the latter trying to interrupt the testing of SKaRD’s new weapon, the Mega Shot, because what they’re doing is disturbing the Lord Dorgo. Due to this, there is a possibility that SKaRD could awaken the Kaiju.

First up, let’s talk about the focus of this episode, Anri Minami. Considering the awkwardness of the situation before, seeing Anri reuniting with Mizuho is really heartwarming. Adding to how Anri can’t focus when her work colleagues are talking about her hometown, it can be due to a few reasons, maybe that she was shy about letting people know about her dialect and stuff. So, Anri meeting Mizuho could be a way for her to reminisce about the old times. Like when they’re praying to the shrine on the mountain. Not only that, through this exchange we can learn what could possibly happen in the mountain. The quakes have been happening because the shrine that’s used to seal Lord Dorgo is destroyed by the supply convoy. Thus, making Mizuho beg to Anri to stop the weapon test.

This brought a conflict in Anri’s heart, whether she have to comply with the squad she’s working with, or she believe in what her old friend has side. This can also be relatable to some people, because I’m pretty sure some of you who have a job has most likely encountered this situation, whether you have to choose your friend or your work. Aside from that, we can see more of her bravery in this episode, as seen when she immediately volunteered herself to help stopping the Kaiju.

The Kaiju itself, judging by Mizuho’s description of Lord Dorgo who said that it’s a guardian deity who can make the ground fertile and the water pure, I can conclude that this is one of them benevolent Kaiju. Its appearance itself doesn’t seem to be threatening, at least compared to other Blazar Kaijus. Even Lord Dorgo’s behavior can be considered as “tame” in comparison. Sure, it attacked Earth Garron during the new weapon testing, but right after that he went to take a drink and immediately go took a nap right after to adjust itself. Still, even though he looks tame, it can still be dangerous, as shown when it starts rampaging right after it got enough energy after taking a nap and wake up. Based Mizuho’s story, and connecting it to Lord Dorgo’s attack, the message that can be taken from this episode is don’t ever touch/destroy something sacred, because you never knew what could happen, like what’s occurring in this episode (or in every Indiana Jones, The Mummies, etc…).

Of course, the process of sealing back Lord Dorgo is no cakewalk, as when Anri about to put the seal back, the Kaiju wakes up and start rampaging. This is a call for Gento, who accompanied Anri to the shrine, to transform into Blazar. It’s cool to see that the scene where Gento transforms it’s shot in PoV as he’s falling from the Kaiju. This also gives a sense of tension to the scene, for Gento and for the viewers. Just seeing the point of view Gento falling while transforming is giving me chills. I myself when seeing that scene sometimes shout to myself, “Dude, just transform! You’re gonna die of falling!”. The action itself is as cool always with some moments of hilarity.

One example is when Blazar jumps up and then shot by the Mega Shot on the Kaiju’s back, which hit Blazar off-screen and causing him to fall of. Also, just the thought of a Kaiju using a cannon is amusing to me. I assume it’s on auto aim, because I don’t think a fully organic Kaiju to be able to control that cannon. Another to point out is when Earth Garron jumps out and do a side flip while on slow motion to dodge the Kaiju’s shot. Yep, GGF do be cooking with their mech’s performance. This fight is also showcasing another way to use the Spiral Burrade by splitting it in two and just YEET them to the Mega Shot to detach them off of Lord Dorgo. The finishing touch of this fight is Anri stabbing the seal into the shrine as Blazar holding the Kaiju. After it’s all finished, Blazar gives his prayer to the sleeping Lord Dorgo, and pushing it to its resting place. With that, the incident is finished, and I’m glad that the SKaRD officer is willing to reflect on the test’s issues and decided to change their ways of development. This also show that Blazar isn’t the same as Redman – just killing without hesitation. Blazar is very much sensible when it comes to which kaijuus he kill.


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