Series Review: Soukyuu no Fafner – Behind The Line

I will change, and I will live to the best of my ability.

We are all very familiar with Fafner’s awesome yet tragic storywriting. We have some of the most badass scenes in Mecha, some of the saddest and also most heart-wrenching moments. Fafner’s theme of hope and despair weaving together to create a single narrative that pushes on to the future has been consistently deemed throughout all entries. After the end of Fafner the Beyond, the story of Tatsuyajima seems to have been concluded. But still, Ubutaka felt that there was much more to explore about the characters of the story, especially the pilots during the time skip between Heaven and Earth and Exodus. That has given birth to Behind The Line – an OVA about the various changes and short-lived peaceful days of the Island.

As mentioned, behind the Line takes place between Heaven and Earth and Exodus Dot, the story Talks about the various changes that the Veteran pilots of the Fafner have to make Now that their ability to pilot has diminished greatly. it is time for them to choose a different way to contribute to the island And also prepare for their own future. Kazuki, Soushi, Maya, Sakura, Kenji and Canon Are the focus of this ova. They must decide what they will do. However, one of them does not have the luxury to dream about a farfetched future. In sum, they still want to give their life to the island.

Plot: Despite taking place between the Heaven and Earth movie And the exodus chronologically, the writings have a lot of exodus and the beyond elements that can only be cleaned retrospectively after you have washed all the other entries. Kazuki and Maya are the ones affected the most. The fact that Kazuki has a super short lifespan compared to everyone else only makes sense if you have watched Exodus, and that gave rise to his insecurity About suddenly vanishing. Dr Chizuru Has given him about four years left, which explains why he is still eager to pilot the MK Sein and continue fighting.

Meanwhile, Maya – being an exceptional observer – has detected his uneasiness and wants to share his burden. As usual, she always takes on the heart’s responsibility without any concern for her life. This was evident in Exodus when she was captured by the UN army. Her inferiority complex came from the fact that her files were falsified so that she wouldn’t be chosen as a pilot in the Dead Aggressor TV series. She felt that because of it, she fell behind her peers and passively contributed to many pilots losing their lives – such as Shouko, Kouyou, Mamoru and Michio.

Soushi – on the other hand – is still the awkward boy he was before. He is brass with his words and doesn’t know how to convey his emotions in a human way. After coming back to Heaven and Earth, he has softened somewhat and become more honest with himself and others. Despite this, he still finds it hard to convey his feelings to Kazuki and Maya properly. I find it amusing that Kazuki Maya and Soushi have realized deep down each other’s feelings, and their actions speak to their hearts. Even so, they are still cryptic about it when discussing it with each other, like a hidden love triangle that can never be resolved.

Sakura and Kenji are actually quite straightforward. Their feelings for each other have shown the way to their future. They will continue to care for each other While helping others on the island. Sakura becoming a teacher and Kenji becoming a doctor encapsulate their characteristic and their maturity.

The growth of the characters is spurred by the dramatic events during the ova. We see some classic Fafner tear jerkers like a crystallization of the pilots, Flash about the tragedy of the past, and so on and so forth. While these events are very PTSD-inducing, we know that no one will lose their lives since they all appeared in Exodus. Behind the line is just a way to further develop the characters and their relationships going into Exodus and The Beyond.

Animation: the animation is decent. There are no Festum or any mecha combat. There are only brief scenes of object fighters and some static after units. Overall solid, nothing too crazy.

Music: Since this is a short OVA with more tranquil themes and no action, we don’t get to hear the battle OST, such as the Mark Sein theme, etc… However, we do get a new song by Angela, Which is quite melancholic and upbeat. The song celebrates major changes and a new beginning for all of the characters now that they have decided on what they want to do and how they will live in the future.

+ Conclusion: “Behind a line” is an ova that enriches the story and the characters in an already-established universe. This addition further develops the characters and their relationships, which, in retrospect, enhances the experience of watching Exodus and The Beyond. True to the advertisement, this ova Is about the peaceful days before the grand battle against the Festum. We’ll smile and laugh and cry along with the characters, knowing what the future has in store for them after seeing their determination.

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