Synduality: Noir Ep 11 Review: Unknown Potential

Tokio is in emergency situation, everyone has gone to the battlefield to face Silver storm, Ideal’s big boss also appeared in this episode, Mr. Weisheit; as well as Kurokamen’s real name – Macht Ewigkeit (seriously, you guys really let the villainous organization with world-class ambition and goals is German huh? Talk about Japan’s obsession with German names). Besides, Daisyorge Alter also debuted in this episode. I was quite surprised because Bandai and 8bit decided to speed up the process, releasing an upgraded form at the end of season 1. So in this episode, How will Kanata and the people from Rock Town and Desire face the Silver storm?

Regarding Kurokamen in this episode, until now I have to say that I am still extremely satisfied with this character. He maybe just a sword for Ideal to use, but that doesn’t mean this sword is not dangerous. And what’s dangerous is difficult to control (both literally and figuratively). He has his own will and purpose and he wants to see Kanata’s potential even if it means disobeying his boss’s orders. Besides, he is really a gentleman and chad, you can do anything but don’t laugh at his partner. Perhaps besides Kanata and Alba, only Kurokamen is the one who truly considers his Magus an equal and irreplaceable partner. (Btw, Schnee blushing is quite cute).

On the contrary, as for Ciel, I actually feel a bit disappointed with this character. I feel like because they had to speed up the story, this character was made superficial. I’ve said Ellie is a boring and stereotypical character before but at least this character is stable and that’s all, but Ciel in this episode really makes me feel awkward and at odds with the Ciel of the previous ep. Her “wanting to find a wonderful master” is part true and part cover-up for her true mission for Ideal. It’s understandable that she hasn’t even decided what to do with Kanata but even after realizing her feelings, she still “almost” went for it. Luckily, Kurokamen stopped her in time. After this, Ciel’s burden and conflict will be even more complicated. I think she needs to be more decisive or forward with Kanata. It’s also possible that Mr. hentai-hair-protag-with-german-name has something to hold Ciel prisoner to his biddings, that would at least explain her hesitance.

As for Kanata, he seems to be still developing his character quite well. Although Kanata has improved a lot, he knows that it is still not enough. And to optimize his current abilities as well as Noir’s, Kanata knew how to upgrade Daisyorge to suit both of them as much as possible. He knew how to lower his ego and do the best he could within his abilities.

Although Noir is in the title of the series, she hasn’t received any development in the latter half. We know that the series will get a second cour and her past and purpose will be explored then, but at the moment Noir is still pretty much a blank slate with very minor development. All the devs are going into Kanata and Ciel and Tokio now. Even Claudia has more spotlight than Noir recently and she’s basically just a walking fanservice plot-device.

Since this is episode 11, the remaining budget has definitely been poured into the last 2 episodes. We got to see an eye-catching fight of Daisyorge Alter, its new features and what impressed me the most was the saw blade shooter. Or like the scene where Flamme uses her ability to rip apart Glenshinobi’s gun barrel, or even the scene where Johngasmaker and Daisyorge fight the Spacemens using 360 rotation around both of them is also quite awesome. Besides, it can’t help mentioning about the BGM of this episode, 3 BGM songs when Daisyorge Alter appears, when Glenshinobi prepares to shoot and when Daisyorge is surrounded by Spacemens. They really make me hyped and give me goosebumps.

Overall, It seemed that both Kanata and Tokio knew what they needed to do, one knew what he had to do to win and the other knew that he couldn’t protect his younger brother forever. By the way, I really want Maria and Tokio to become a couple after this episode, it seems like they both have something in common of caring for their younger brother/sister and Maria also understands Tokio well enough. At the end of this episode, although the core of the twin towers was destroyed, a new one has appeared in mid-air. I hope that in the next episode Kurokamen will also participate in battle in supporting role so that we can have a fascinating ending of season 1.

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