SHINKALION Z EP 40: True Enemy

Oh Well, that was…unexpected. Kannagi went down easier than I thought. But at least we got the confirmation of the “last” boss (maybe). And everything is slowly falling into place.

Kannagi’s easy defeat was quite…underwhelming. With all that power, he was stopped by his two lieutenants and got one-shot by Abuto – which is more simple than I thought. But still, his 180 demeanor as well as Astraea’s after his defeat is quite abrupt. I guess for a Takara Tomy’s show, villains aren’t quite “resolute” as others, unless they are just flat out assholes like Valtom. Astraea has been very cute this 2 episodes, but I doubt our mechanic guy will go back to her. I still feel like it’s forced as hell anyway. For Kannagi, he suddenly became a very good boy that absolutely listen to what Abuto has to say and accepted it on the spot.

Valtom got yeeted lol (2). Well of course Arabaki was gonna chomp him into oblivion. He’s the most basic, one-dimensional villain of the series, so him getting yeeted is totally in the plan and 100% expected. I didn’t expect Arabaki to be magma Cthulhu though. Not many times we get literal slime of doom as a last boss in Shinkalion. We did get some weekly ones but this is a prettttty new experience. Bosses have been humanoid and quite…balance in size. So doing a ginormous boss is pretty fresh.

Of course the team couldnt stop it right away, and the last boss “convenientlt” hibernate for a bit before reactivating again. But just like real magma, Arabaki’s body fossilized when came in contact with water, especially saltwater. Quite a convenient weakpoint. But alas, things aren’t that simple. Killing Arabaki might set off the enormous amount of energy it has stored up in its body and lead to catastrophic event. But then, Abuto came back with Zagan on the Dark Shinkalion (Zagan is pretty strong to be able to survive that). And he revealed the final key to victory: the Double-Z Combination.

I can already hear the “Anime Ja Nai” in the distance. The silhouette that Abuto revealed seems to your standard Link Gattai from the previous series where two Shinkas combine. But it seems there’s more to it, and we’ll find out next week!