SHINKALION Z EP 33: Returner

After a 2-week New Year break, Shinkalion Z make an explosive return with episode 33 – where we see not just one, not just two but FOUR returning characters from the original series. While the impact of their cameos vary based on individual, it is a very nice fanservice episode for those that love the original series to see how the original cast has changed.

It’s mostly just Shin and Hayato interacting for the episode, and the new kids staring in awe (fear) at Hayato’s obsession with Shinkansen. Well, you’d think they are used to this by now with Shin’s constant gushing for occult stuff, but I guess Hayato’s enthusiasm is on another level. Either way, grown-up Hayato looks pretty fresh. Well, aside from his fashion sense and heights, he’ still the same old Hayato that we know and love. Ms. Futaba looks pretty gorgeous tho, and they added the lipstick line to her lol, wonder if she’s seeing someone now. Seeing the Ultra Institute staff welcoming Hayato back was pretty heartwarming for sure.

The “exchange” of ideology between Shin and Hayato is pretty interesting. The idea of “crossing path” as well as “adaptation for co-existent” really enhances each other. Hayato believes that Shinkalion can connect everyone’s heart, and Shin believes that everyone, every species can co-exist with each other, just like how Youkai/Occult stuff has become a prominent culture in the modern day world. And now with the confirmation of “aliens” – a species different from human – Shin was surprised but rather with excitement and even think about how they will live happily in one society. Well call it idealistic but this is kids’ show, so it is not that strange.

So far we got Futaba, Hayato and Rei coming back, and finally we got a villain making a return as well. And this time it’s the last boss of the original series even. Yep, it’s Kirin. And my dude is still very bitter and quite…obedient? But yeah his coming back is just to become a 1-ep villain, which is kinda sad. I guess they want to give him a “conclusive” ending. Kirin used to be the ultimate “boss” of the series but here he’s pretty much just a mook. My deepest condolences my man.

Pretty cool fight scenes. This ep is basically for Shin to “absorb” Hayato’s ideology and decided on a more concrete path to follow. In addition, with Setsura providing a ton of info on the Teoti, now the Shinkalion gang can finally come up with a plan of attack! And for people who have been dying to see some Ginga Tetsudou 999 references, you’ll get that next ep!