SHINKALION Z EP 37: Absolute Justice

Triumphant return! Shin, Abuto and the team made it back safely on Earth. But this temporary peace doesn’t last long, as Abuto and Shin plunge straight into battle once more…But this time…the darkness is….?

Love the reunion between Abuto and his mom. And they took the news that Zagan is lost in space quite…well. Though I’m sure Mrs. Shirayuki is also hurting inside, but she’s still relieved that Abuto is home safe and sound. It’s pretty funny how Abuto got a 6-month worth of homework to do. Pretty nice comic-relief moment. And Shin and Abuto’s friendship is beginning to heal…

Anddddd Valtom is back. Of course he is, and he’s stirring up trouble again. This time even using Wadatsumi’s body to do his bidding, which further cement him as the most despicable villain in the series so far. But fear not, as the E5 and, surprisingly, the Dark Shinkalion sortie to face this “old” enemy. And this is the fight that open a new saga for Abuto and the Dark Shinkalion.

At the start of the series, Abuto wasn’t able to drive the Shinkalion, and could only perform development and maintenance, having to watch Shin heading off to battle along with the others. And then he gained the power to fight on the frontline himself, however, he was torn from his friends and family. He got brainwashed into a mindless crusade against his own kind, even though he’s just a half. And he had to fight his best friend. And now fate gave him a challenge once again, to see if he has enough mettle to stand alongside his friend after all that. And after everything, Abuto – the driver of the Dark Shinkalion – has determined to forge ahead to the future with his friends. And that gave birth to the Absolute power: the Dark Shinkalion Absolute!

Yahhh they somehow kept the hype of the last episode going. The Dark Shinkalion Absolute is absolutely (no pun intended) badass! Superb fight scene this episode with that amazing transformation sequence and Dynamic Finish. Can’t wait for the next episode, especially when it’s titled “Shinkaligetter”. Are we getting another crossover?