SHINKALION Z EP 36: Crossing Paths Once More

It’s time for the throw down! Shin – after steeling his resolve and determined to see his plan through, confronted Abuto once more. But this time, Shin was entrusted with the hope of Zagan, the hope of Setsura, as well as other Teoti and his comrades as well.

Abuto at this point is basically a doll of Kannagi. My dude really played the “saviour” card straight, putting ideas in the Abuto’s head while manipulating him directly as well. This at some point lessen the impact of Abuto’s change since at this point he isn’t voluntarily genocidal anymore, more like a mindless warrior. Though Astraea is surprisingly chill in this episode, wonder if she’s got something up her sleeves (she has really long sleeves).

The duel is pretty fantastic. Finally we see some good long action sequence after a while. Gotta admit the Shinka-vs-Shinka action is always the best one since their 3d models are very nicely done. The Dark Shinka is one tough-cookie though, but Shin managing to keep up with the Dark Devil Mode despite being in base-modle E5 is pretty amazing. But yes, there is a limit to how much Shin can take the damage. However, the participation of the 2 Teoti warriors was very surprising. The people from Teoti has surely realized that there is no need to wipe out the humans in order for them to live on Earth peacefully. And tall-guy and chubby-guy seems like very influential Teoti warriors so their action will definitely make an impact in the community.

And finally, the Yamanote arrived! And now Shin can go on the offensive. And it’s awesome. Taking the fight out into space is probably the grandest Shinkalion has ever done. The cinematography and 3DCG is amazing. Love the Gran Cross clash. That was a beautiful sequence and finally Abuto woke up from his stupor. And I guess it will be all well and good since he hasn’t killed anyone yet.

But the big twist is at the end. Kannagi about to enter the fray but Zagan pre-empted him with a pretty crazy plan. Wonder how they will solve this plot in the future. A deep-space exploration mission? Now that’s some crazy stuff for a mecha train series. On the other hand, Shin, Abuto and the Ultra Evolution Institute has a lot to catch-up and work on.