SHINKALION Z EP 34: Into the Darkness

It’s time for the Shinkalion (singular) to go to space, eh? How times have flown… I still remember the time where Hayato was scared shitless because he flew over the mountain once.

I really like the tight writing between the original series and Shinka Z. They used recurring elements in a very smart way. Although one can say it’s a bit too lazy but I think it’s a good way to demonstrate a connective narrative between the series. More so that they upped the ante this time, so reusing some aspect for small plot device isn’t that bad, more like a fan service for us. And this episode also has some for the older audience too. Particularly fans of the Galaxy Express 999 as its iconic theme song was featured in this episode. Truly nostalgia.mp3. And Ms. Futaba looks really good, love the new uniform.

The launching sequence was very well done. And holy crap the Stage 2 Ultra Evolution speed is 40,000+ km/h? The Stage one was a mere 1225 km/h. I guess to escape the atmosphere, you gotta need that much acceleration. Anyway, Shin finally got to meet Abuto and actually spoke to him a few lines. But of course, Abuto is in his “phase” so they started beating the crap out of each other. Without the Yamanote Zyliner, it’s obvious that Shin will get his asses kicked. There’s even Valtom’s interference that gave Abuto a power-up, so the Z E5 getting blasted into space was expected.

Now that the Teoti was made aware of the Shinkalions, and of Shin’s intention for coexistence as well. I expect Shin to get a power-up and return and convince them, at least Abuto. Kannagi, Astraea and Valtom will be tough nuts to crack. Not sure how the rest of the Shinka team will fare now that they are most likely gonna be captured by Teoti’s army. Zagan (Abuto’s dad) also got to see the E5, so he will definitely come up with a plot-device plan to help his son.

This episode is pretty nice, but I wished the fight scene last a bit longer. But I guess they are saving it for the eventual “proper” showdown between the two best friends. Let’s see if everyone’ll play a part in this long drawn out quarrel, and what will the Toeti Generals do?