Shinkalion Z ep 25: Reblooming Fireworks

After quite a few “heavy” episode, we are getting a sort of “breather” episode to divert from Shin and focus on the other Shinkalion drivers, and episode 25 is Hanaba’s rocking return!
With all the spotlight Shin has been getting lately, Hanabi felt left out since he hasn’t been deploying in his ZE6 for quite a while already (except that training segment where got got squared in one attack anyway). And Hanabi wanted to do something cool for once, not just because he wanted to show off, but also because he wished to assist Shin in the future. Of course Taiju shared the same sentiment and his turn will be the next episode. Lucky for him, he got a whole crew full of hard-boiled men to assist him with the impossible, and boi those guys must be the coolest Branch in the whole Ultra Institute.

This week’s enemy is pretty…unorthodox. And Hanabi really pull off all the stop and went full Nekki Basara but trains instead. The mechanic guy getting a highlight moment was pretty badass too. He reminds me of the SHounan Junai Gumi dudes but much more tamed lol. The Z E6 with an electric guitar is just awesomeness incarnate, and the energy is incredible. Definitely good enough to bring the children to the stage. It was also very heartwarming to see Hanabi’s father believing in his son’s words after their last encounter. Family bonds and friendship really is the focus of Shinkalion as a whole, just like how the Shinkansen connect each region of japan.

We also get to see the first seed of peace towards the co-existence of Teoti and human, Abuto take Setsura to Earth to enjoy our delicacy, and of course: fireworks since this episode is Hanabi’s spotlight. Surely she will grow fond of Earth and wish for both to live alongside each other peacefully…

As mentioned, next episode is Taiju’s chance to grow. But he won’t be doing it alone. Episode 25 will mark the debut of the next collab character from the far ends of the galaxy: the Ginga Tetsudou 999 and a certain blonde-haired girl…

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