SHINKALION Z EP 41: Ultimate Combination

Time to bust out all the stop. Episode 41 of Shinkalion Z seems to be the end of all conflict in the series. The final battle against the ultimate evil of the Earth – Arabaki – has finally concluded.

This is literally the definition of all the stars aligned. Everything went right for the team. The Teoti reinforcement was amazing! Kannagi and Astraea being so docile and cooperative after 1 episode was a bit awkward but the Teoti warriors were b.a.d.a.s.s! Sadly, there weren’t a “all trains depart” moment like the original series but what we got isn’t bad: the Double Z Combination.

The Double Z Combination is really unique and fun! We got the Shinkalion Trinity in Shinkalion and that didn’t have 3 pilots in one cockpit, but the ZZ Gattai is much better. Aside from the Golion-style Super Robot combination, the cockpit is very reminiscent of a Super Sentai style and that looks pretty awesome. Sadly the Dr. Yellow wasn’t included in the combos, but I guess it’s as good as any.

The 2 ZZ Shinkas didn’t fight THAT much. However, the Double Z Gran Cross was pretty amazing. I did wish we got more “physical” with those 2. At least we got the individual finisher from all the units early on and that was pretty cool. All in all, the animation is great, but the “hype” is definitely lowered than the original series. Also partly because the conclusion was reached pretty fast, Only 2 episodes and Arabaki’s already flushed.

It seems that this is the last stop for the Z train. With the latter part showing everyone happy ever after. It’s been a fun ride with a very strong main plot and really interesting cast. I do wish it was longer since it has a lot of potential and there are a few things that could have used a bit more fleshing out. Overall,