SHINKALION Z EP 38: Everyone Together

Why do I feel like Abuto is slowly acting more and more like Hayato lol? He’s become an absolute train nut even more than before. Well, he better fanboy about it when he can, cause someone’s coming for him. And he mean business.

The whole “travel around Japan” in trains and stuff is pretty wholesome. It’s a nice solidarity boosting mechanism for the drivers. They can see where each other have gone and how they can contribute to the progress. It’s a pretty cool thing. And the whole Ikawa Station trip is very informative and interesting as well. Definitely a more exciting train fact than others, and they portray its uniqueness very well, which makes me want to go on the trip myself. Abuto and Shin has become even bester bros than before. Even Taiju and Hanabi gave them alone time lol.

Kannagi finally plays his hands. It was pretty nuts that he can just…drop back to Earth when he want like Zagan’s effort were nothing. And he even dropped Saiyan-pod style. It…doesn’t feel like he’s gonna be the last boss since Arabaki kinda whooped his asses pretty fast.
Anyway, this is the first time we got the whole gang in their Shinkalions together, including Maetel as well. And of course, we got the one-attack combo treatment which is quite typical of Shinkalion but I do want something a bit more from each one. Although I sure didn’t expect the whole gang to just pop up at once.

Arabaki finally appeared…as a magma tsunami. I’m sure this isn’t its true or final form, but its power is really impressive. Kannagi got swallowed so fast without even reacting. And it seems like it was sealed on ALL of Japan, which means the thing must be massive! Looking forward to Valtom fusing with it and be the final boss (maybe?)

Abuto sit this one out since his Shinkalion is being repaired, butttt we all know he will join the fray sooner or later. I mean, since next episode title is basically Abuto going 1-vs-1 on Kannagi. Looking forward to if this will be the final arc that lead to the co-existence with the Teoti, or will we get even more down the line?