SHINKALION Z EP 35: Integration

Welp, after that heated “exchange” between Shin and Abuto, things calmed down quite a bit for Shinkalion Z. Just as any “calm before the storm” arc, this episode focuses on the backstory of Zagan – Abuto’s father – and what Shin learned from it.

It’s great to see some mingling between the Toeti and the Shinka team. Aside from Kannagi, Astraea and Valtom, the people here seems to be quite peaceful and friendly. Of course there are some who got really agitated since they were told by their leader that “human bad”, but after actually interacting with them, their opinions have changed. Well they still view Abuto as their “saviour” and will probably not disobey him outright, but their hearts aren’t those of malice towards humanity at least. That pink-haired girl was so freaking cute though. You can almost say her design make her one of the more important side-chars, but we’ll see about that.

Zagan’s past was pretty basic. Alien that was sent to scout the Earth and its inhabitants ended up sympathizing and falling in love with humanity. Though there definitely is a hint of after-thought, that when they were establishing the Ultra Evolution Institute in the original Shinkalion series, they didn’t actually plan for Zagan’s involvement. And now they added it in here to form a connection with the Shinkalion. Well, it’s a bit forced but hey, it’s a kids show. Expecting really well-established backstory probably isn’t realistic with these.

There are some really nice scenes in this episode, especially the E5 in maintenance pose. There’s going to be some pretty lit battle next episode. If the series follow the classic Brave/Shinkalion style, then Abuto will have the shit beaten out of him, then get controlled/forced by either Kannagi or Astraea. Then our train gang will beat the shit out of the Teoti generals too. Looking forward to some good stuff.