Kit Review: HG Getter Arc

This is the final Getter Robo designed by Dr. Saotome for the future of humanity. It was completed by Jin Hayato who had succeeded the Saotome institute. It’s a stable machine and has energy efficiency and combat abilities that surpass those of the Shin Getter.
It is piloted by Nagare Takuma – son of Nagare Ryouma.

HG Getter Arc
Series: Getter Robo Arc
Price: 4400 yen
Release date: Sep 2021

Design: Its design is quite close to the anime version. The red and white color scheme follows the tradition of the Getter Robo. The head part has two bat wings which is quite similar to Devilman. It can be seen that its design is true to its name – Getter Arc. The arm braces are anime-originals, and the gold parts are quite nice accent. Arc is also famous for its unique backpack for the Thunder Bomber.

Build quality: The HG Getter Arc is very well separated. The plastic of the white parts is quite soft so it is easy to handle the nubs. However, the red parts especially on the legs are easy to reveal the nub, so take extra care on those. Bandai gives a lot of decals but they are almost unnecessary except for the eyes (can be omitted if you want the eyes to be completely yellow).

Articulation: The HG Getter Arc articulations are based on the HG Infinitism series. The shoulder has a part connectingto the body, arms, and shoulder armor so it can be pushed up quite well. The hip joint is similar to HG Infinitism can be extended to increase the range of motion of the leg. The ab-crunch is a bit limited due to the yellow chest part.

Gimmicks: The head can replace the mouth part to replicate the bug-eating ‘Getter Crush’. The backpack on the back can be removed and reversed when using the ‘Thunder Bomber’. The small wings on the back can also move up and down and rotate freely. The forearms are covered by the “Battle Shot Cutter” part when not deployed.

Accessories: The Getter Arc’s accessories are the same as in the anime:
+ X2 Getter Tomahawk/X1 Double Labyrinthus: 2 Getter Tomahawk can be combined into a Double Labyrinthus with a connected part.
+ X2 Battle Shot Cutter: 2 ‘Battle Shot Cutter’ parts can be removed replaced with 2 deployed ‘Battle Shot Cutter’ parts in the form of blades.

In addition, Bandai also added an action base like other kit of HG Infinitism series.

Overall: HG Getter Arc is a kit worth getting if you are a fan of Getter Robo. It would be good if Bandai continued Getter Kirik and Getter Khan, but seeing how the 2nd and 3rd form are usually treated, it’s not highly possible. The kit looks good and is quite a good size. It is quite affordable compared to the Soul of Chogokin version and doesn’t lack too much compared to it. It’s show-accurate and fun to play with.
—> Score: 7/10