SHINKALION Z EP 39: The Vanquished

Oh Abuto, you must know that you can’t defeat a Boss character just by yourself. You gotta band up with your team and beat him down and THEN you can finish him. But either way, ep 39 of Shinkalion shows us some pretty surprising stuff.

Arabaki aka Molten Magma Goo still hasn’t shown its true power. But still, enveloping Japan in its wake is quite something. And pretty much all Shinkalion units couldn’t do a single thing against it. If it weren”t for Kannagi drawing it back, Arabaki would have devastated Japan in its wake. Well, this time, many civilians definitely saw the Shinkalions as well as Arabaki, so it would be interesting to see if the Ultra Institute still want to keep the Shinkalion a secret or just follow up from the season 1’s revelation. It’s cool to see everyone did something, but yeah, no amount of individual work can stand up to Arabaki.

Valtom got yeeted lol. Didn’t expect him to go out in this way even though we always know he’s gonna get a dog’s death. Kannagi is actually quite smart, well, before he got consumed with rage. So now Kannagi has his own power + the royal power + Arabaki power. Dude has to be so immensely powerful that he can one-shot a Shinka. But for plot reason, he will not. Another surprising thing is Astraea. We’ve been seeing her as the ruthless and loyal-to-the-cause Teoti,but then she finally broke down her mask and showed her true color. She’s just a very caring sister who worry about her brother and will do anything for him. All of her deeds before are probably for her brother more than for the Teoti, but still, let’s see how Astraea redemption arc will be. Hopefully it will be as good as Suzaku.

The double-team against Kannagi is pretty awesome. Shin and Abuto really is a good combo. Although of course Kannagi can steamroll through them because he just got a massive power-up. But none is stronger than emotion. Hearing Astraea’s plea, Abuto has finally realized what the Teoti royal siblings feel, and he can empathize with them. Abuto then channel all of his strength and emotion into his fist and beat Kannagi back to reason. Not gonna lie, that Shining Fist attack was absolutely awesome. A bit of late night combat this time around so the area is not too well-lit, but Abuto’s Absolute really highlight itself. The choreography this episode is quite decent, aside from some basic sequences, the attacks are mostly well done.

Andddddd now Kannagi is possessed by an evil aura (who could have seen that coming right?). The rest of the team is also circling back to Mount Fuji to aid Shin and Abuto. And once again, the Boss Raid mission will happen again!