SHINKALION Z EP 31: The Heart’s Calling

After a shocking battle, with TWO massive revelation happening 5 minutes away from each other, the Shinkalion pilots and pretty much everyone else have to face not one, but TWO of their close friend turning into enemies.

Well, the first one to get into trouble isn’t any of the Drivers of Ultra Institute staff, but rather Shin’s sister herself. Astraea/Akeno approached her with the intent to investigate the Shinkalions and their base. Well, for someone aspiring to be a journalist, getting approached by a senior reporter with a major scoop is pretty irresistable. But alas, she did the right thing by supporting the “better” truth. It is a journalist’s responsibility to report the truth to the public, but not all truths need to come out to light. There are some things that are better hidden if they threaten the safety of the people. And one day, there will come a time when the truth can be revealed without harm. It’s a really grey area to decide between revealing the truth or keep it under wrap. Lots of things to consider but this time, she chose the right path.

And they pulled a wonderful wool over Astraea’s eyes, trapping her on all sides. But alas, she is a Teoti general after all, so she’s not an easy target. Hosokawa really did tried his best to convince her but at this point, it’s a fool’s errand. Although you can some some minor sway in her but without a good alternative for the Teoti’s survival, she probably wouldn’t listen. Hopefully, she’ll turn around just like the original’s villains. But well, Hosokawa sure rebound fast, already charmed by Misaki lol.

The convo between Abuto and Tokonami (his father) was really rough. Abuto embracing the Teoti fully was something Tokonami has been wanting to avoid. The rage has consumed Abuto and he has given in to one side without considering the alternatives. Let’s see how Abuto will fare from now on, essentially becoming the “Seiryu” of Z. Looking forward to more development!