Shinkalion Z ep 29: Dark Advent

I know Shinkansen can go pretty fast and hard but damn Z is holding down the accelerator stick and gluing it in place. The “ordered” chaos that Shinka Z is heading to is going to be quite spectacular, as each side is inching closer and closer to the “truth” and a huge battle to settle it all.

Valtom is pulling a typical Gihren Zabi here. He just went and killed the current king of the Teoti to get more power. And all he got was a….weird power-up form that made him look like a JRPG monster? Either way, the man’s setting himself up to be the fall guy when this all blew over. Reckless ambition and greed can only get you so far (as literally all mecha series before have shown). However, he’s also a massive coward because he kidnapped Setsura and tied the kid to a stone and set giant centipedes off to kill him. That’s like zero redemption chance there my guy. You’re gonna get the biggest can of whoop-ass ever.

Sougyoku is slowly changing. He did something I didn’t expect him to do: save Setsura and secretly send her to a safe place. His shinka-phobia is still real though, but after Suzaku’s pep talk, it seems the guy is heading to a new direction. But he’s gotta start pulling his weight if he want to wash off the stuff he did. Technically he didn’t really “kill” anyone but still cause massive damages. Let’s see how his redemption arc play out.

And oh boy Abuto really popped his rocks off eh? Finally went off the deep end and let his rage took over after he presumed Setsura’s was dead. And the fact that the picture showed Setsura sort of scared riled him up even more. And now an enraged Abuto is determined to take her back by beating the hell out of Shin and gang. And oh boy this is going just like the original series where Seiryu squared off against Hayato. I didn’t think he would lost himself like that, I guess Abuto’s father words were true after all. The Dark Shinka really is a demon machine that made its Driver lost himself. And now, only a good brawl can get him out of the blinding rage. And next ep, we’ll have the Z E5 x Dr. Yellow to do that job for us. By the way, seeing Commander Izumi as the HQ commander was pretty rad lol.

Despite its upbeat and child-friendly promotion, Shinka Z is heading towards quite a serious arc and just keep diving deeper and deeper. Looks like we’ll have a series to ponder about and not just pure MotW with friendship power, but someting geared towards a more grown-up mindset. Although there will still definitely be some plot armor but hey, they’ve used that really well so far.