Shinkalion Z ep 26: Surging Waves

Here we go, the long-awaited debut of the next collab characters: Ginga Tetsudou’s Maetel Tsukino. Oh, you said this is Taiju’s spotlight episode? Oh well, I guess he can have his own this time.
After Hanabi’s fiery firework performance last episode, it’s Taiju’s turn to improve himself to be able to stand on equal with Shin. However, his battle this episode is a bit lackluster since he was given instruction pretty much from start to finish. his Monster of the Week is a Kappa, created from Sougyoku’s butts (yeah you read that right). Sougyuku now is just a gofer and comic relief for the series now, but considering his previous character, I’d say it’s his just dessert. This episode also teach me that Kappa loves sumo wrestling (really? lol). And Taiju was doing pretty hot until it dragged him into the water. Thanks to Maetel cluing him in, Taiju was able to win. But it’s pretty funny that he was able to direct the electricity towards the Kappa despite being surrounded by water.

And we come to this episode passing star. The scene where Tsukino meet Taiju in the train was pretty amazing. The scenery, the atmosphere, the lighting are all perfect and mesmerizing. They really nail the Maetel design with her flowing hair and calm demeanor. I wouldn’t blame Taiju if he got love-struck at first sight (but be careful my dude, she’s a fifth grader). Well, it seems that Maetel is already on in the Shinkalion business, and her commander voice is very familiar as well… Looking forward to her proper “battle” in future episode.