Shinkalion Z ep 28: All this time

We already know that we’re gonna get H5 debut this week, but goddamn they really kick this outta the park with not just one but TWO returning characters. I KNEW that I recognize Maetel’s “commander” voice, and it turned out I was right. This ep is also a pretty nice Sougyuku-focused ep, but this time not on his butt.

Sougyoku is pretty pitiful for sure. He’s been calling his people for over a year but none ever replied. Imagine keeping it up for one year is pretty hard. But well, his rambling did reach a certain person’s ear. Maetel being on the receiving end of Sougyuku’s transmission is really unexpected. And it was kinda bittersweet when he was transmitting the intel intending to wipe Shinkalion out but instead sow the seed of curiosity and interest in Maetel’s heart. But alas, someone answered him. And we come to the first cameo/returning character this ep: Suzaku. I totally didn’t expect Suzaku to show up in this manner. She was driving the Black Shinkalion through space from her words. Wonder what she’s doing, maybe looking for a new land for her species. But damn she looks just as gorgeous as before.

And finally, we got Maetel. She was a very shy girl that doesn’t even dare to speak face-to-face with people. But her love for Shinkalion is quite plenty, even when all she know was info about how dangerous they are and such. And now we get to the 2nd returner: Commander Izumi! He’s voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa – so that’s why I recognize his voice. It seems my man has become the head director of the Ultra Evolution Institute – which is pretty boss. Maetel attempting to get across to Sougyoku is very nice and heartwarming, but unfortunately he was being forced by Astraea at the time, so he could not answer her plea. The H5 had no choice but to fight, and it was a great debut. The gatling gun firing is so satisfying, the impact of so many bullets just feel so good, like heavyarms but better. It’s quite short, but hopefully we can see more in the future.

Great episode to develop Maetel’s character. Can’t wait for her interaction with the rest of the gang. Sougyoku seems to be on his way of reforming, but he might not be able to make it alone. Let’s see if his Kitoralsus friends can help.