Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury episode 16: The Witch’s Blessing/Curse

Episode 16 in a nutshell: If Mamiko Noto (Prospera’s CV) tells me to bark, then I ask “Woof woof?”. If someone asks: why didn’t Suletta rebel against her mother like Guel did? Then they will get their answer this episode. The extent of control her “mother” has over our poor Tanuki can be described in one word: absolute. And there are a lot of “absolutes” in this episode that will once again shock the viewers.

All in all, we have quite a heavy episode. Not action-heavy but more psychological. Have I told you Prospera is currently one of the best Char Clones that ever don the mask? Because she is. The woman is insane, yet diabolically intelligent and “passionate”.

Mamiko Noto went from a heartful mother in one part to a manipulative mastermind. She did almost everything according to her calculation, all for the sake of, first, Ericht’s happiness and second, for her revenge against Delling Rembran. But what kind of revenge that she wants exactly? Probably to take everything from Delling, or to do exact same thing that Delling did to her. We won’t know until the time comes.

On one hand, the Benerit Group, like I said, is in a pinch. The decision to go Witch-hunting by themselves without The Cathedra, which was a surprise considering they are the OG Witch hunters. For them to stay still means someone wants this situation to happen, in this case it is either Prospera, Shaddiq or even some unknown third party, those that have influences on the media to make Benerit Group images worse in the public.

Who would benefit the most from this? If it was Prospera, then it would be great to ruin the Group’s reputation. For Shaddiq, it is obviously for the Chairman title. Third party? Rival groups, corporation, or even some former group members could be the suspects. Shaddiq seems to be the one that get the most out of it, but he himself drop a truth bomb about Miorine, which could make her become the next president.

The media also showed their hypocrisy, one ugly side of the media in G-Witch (and everywhere in general). When they are accusing the Benerit of making the situation between Earthians and Spacian worse, but they themselves showed the people of Earth as rebels in season 1 as well, making the tension between these factions a great point in the Anime. And this also results in the vandalism of the Earth House area, as we have seen.

Some members in Earth House have developed at some point. Chu Chu, while still hot-blooded, but not without rationale thinking. She knew what was her limit, and accepted other’s assistance, especifically from Miorine. Martin also step up to protect his housemates, even shed blood in the process, which is quite different from his passive former self. After everything has happened, he finally did his job, head of Earth House, probably, but ironically, started with telling the authorities that something is wrong with Nika.

The dialogue between Nika and Sabina was informative as well. Sabina was also Earthian, and this made the other girls in Shaddiq’s group potential Earthians as well. Sabina, and possibly the others, believe that Shaddiq is doing all of this in the name of bridging the gap between Earth and Space, but we all knew that this might not be the case. But for now, Sabina will still be the most loyal “pawn” in Shaddiq group, even telling him to come back to his sense after his self-talking about Miorine’s standing will greatly improve if one of either Grassley, Peil or Jeturk back her up.

2 of 3 are already out of the answer, so the joker in Shaddiq speculation, none other than: Jeturk. It’s no wonder that Dilanza Sol got a bad presentation in the media about Benerit Group, but their product are still in the Benerit Security Force, and won’t go out in one night. Not to mention, Guel’s own fame still holds a great name in Asticassia, and with his return, he might even become the thing that I have said in Shaddiq’s plan: the Joker.

His return came as another absolute shock to us – since we didn’t expect him to just literally walk into the company’s headquarter, looking like a badass beggar. Poor Lauda having to endure all this losses and taking on the heavy responsibility of being the CEO of a giant company. It’s not a surprise he collapsed on the spot after seeing Guel’s return. But now, he can rest, as Guel has shown that he is now ready to stand up to take responsibility and restore the honor of House Jeturk.

Last but not least, Miorine and Suletta. Miorine became the logical side of Suletta, became the thing, or the one that could make Suletta questioned Prospera, her mom, her god. Realizing that if she doesn’t do something, Suletta will always be Prospera’s puppet. That fuels her to confront Prospera directly, only for her to fall right into Prospera’s palm, again. The scene when Prospera told her the truth about Vanadis incident, goosebumps, wicked. Miorine has grown up, but not enough to fight Prospera directly. 

Furthermore, this episode also “reset” Suletta’s character growth by making her Prospera’s ningyou – a doll that follow her every wishes. Of course there are times where Suletta seems to have free will, but if Prospera will it hard enough, she will obey. Furthermore, Prospera’s adamant and fervent concern with Eri’s happiness show that she doesn’t really give a damn about Suletta’s own happiness, and is willing to use her as a sword to enact her revenge.

(One part that I forgot when I first wrote this, Peil side, or should I say, Belmeria, and Number 5. Belmeria tried to survive after the Vanadis incident, and what she did was not far from the disgusting thing Prospera did. Prospera “helped” her realized this, again, solidified her position as one of the best Char Clone, period. Prospera wholeheartedly agree for what she did was evil, but Belmeria seemed to realize her hypocrite too late. And that was reminded for her again thanks to Number 5. He also tried his best to survive, and probably will do anything for his survival. For him to get pissed by what Belmeria said to him was understandable, but kinda sad for him that his spotlight got shadowed by Ericht inside Aerial Rebuild, or should I say, Ericht”s”, that part was jawdropped, and scary at the same time.)

Next episode: the election war. Guel will have a vital role to play in this.


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