Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Raison – Soukyuu no Fafner: The Beyond

While humanity borrow the power of the Festum to fight back against them, the Festum also grew to understand human, as well as their hatred, pain and the concept of “death”. In turn, they used the human to build them a vessel that can exceed their own power and use it against us. The malicious core Malespero has manipulated Jonathan Bartland into becoming the pilot of the third Salvator Model – the Fafner Mark Raison.

I. History:
– During the events of Exodus, Hester Gallop – commander of the Neo UN Army – has sent a spec-ops team to execute R.O.E Alpha on General Narrain’s expedition force. During the battle, Hiroto Douma thought the Neo UN Fafners were there to provide back up, but unfortunately, he was shot and lost his life. The Mark Funf was then captured by the Neo U.N and repurposed into a Salvator Model – Mark Raison.

– Hester then lost control of her “doll” Jonathan Bartland to the hostile Mir and Malespero. He fully assimilated Jonathan’s mind and turned him into Chaos. The completed Mark Raison was given to Jonathan. He wrecked the Neo UN base and established his own faction – Benon – along with Malespero. He subsequently converted many other humans into Festum and become his soldiers. The Mark Raison was then left on the moon – which has become a Festum base controlled by Benon.

– During the 6th Operation Azure, Jonathan summoned the completed Mark Raison from the Moon. He fought against the Mark Dreizehn, Mark Vier and Mark Alles to a standstill. After Mark Sein received Altair’s blessing and underwent Salvatorization, the new Mark Nicht and Mark Sein fought Jonathan and defeated him in battle. In the end, Miwa and the Mark Sein decided to bless everyone – including all Benon members – so the conflict would end. Jonathan , along with Malespero and Benon, retreated afterwards.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Raison (raison means “reason” in German) was a Salvator model built by the Neo UN using the Mark Funf as a base. After they captured the Mark Funf and killed the pilot, the Fafner was “converted” into the Mark Raison. The Raison has a new body silhouette, but it still uses many elements from the Mark Funf, particularly the Aegis Equipment. The Raison has a brownish yellow and red color scheme during Exodus, and a redder hue in The Beyond. In the Beyond, the completed Mark Raison also has a tail with many clear parts, which resemble the shape of a monster.

– The Mark Raison is a large Fafner, taller and bulkier than your conventional Einherjar model. Due to its size, it has 2 large boosters on its back and bulky lower calves for more powerful thrusters. It also has a single clear blade on its back like other Salvator models (Sein and Nicht). The Raison’s backblade is glowing orange. The Raison’s extremely durable, it was able to drop from space into the atmosphere with no damage and the re-entry heat didn’t have any effect on it. It is so durable that the Dreizehn’s Fenrir also didn’t damage it in any significant way.

– The Raison has many internal weapon system. On the shoulders are two large beam-emitter units that is similar to the Mark Nicht’s backpack. The Raison can fire homing lasers from its shoulders. Just like the Mark Funf, the Raison kept the Aegis Equipment as a defensive measure and it can raise energy barriers strong enough to repel normal Luger Lance energy burst or slash. Instead of four energy shield modules, the Raison has 2 large shield modules instead, and the barrier it generated can either be directional, similar to the Tsukuyomi’s or a full body shield. Its tails can also be used as a physical weapon.

– The Raison’s weapon is the standard issue Neo UN’s blaster that can act both as a rifle and a blade during Exodus. In the Beyond, it has acquired two large swords which are much more powerful. With the Raison’s Festum power, it can shoot powerful energy blast or cut through energy shield with ease. The Raison can also construct square Worms to twist its enemy just like the Tsukuyomi’s SDP. It might be due to the Raison’s base is the same as the Mark Funf.

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