Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury episode 14: The cracked reality

Rather than making us wait half of the season like the first season did, G-Witch second season decided to speed up the plot right in this episode and brought out the heavy hitter. Also, what a way to confirm the long-running theory that has been going on in the Gundam community since the first episode: first mentioned by Prospera, and ended up confirmed also by Prospera. Quiet Zero, Aerial’s true nature, Shaddiq’s plot, Sophie’s motivation, Earth House’s fate, etc. We got answers, yet we got more questions to ask. Let’s jump into the episode.

From the beginning to episode 14, it made me feel that Prospera is one of the best, if not the best Char Clone which utilized the mask to its maximum effect. We saw how she manipulated Suletta and Miorine effortlessly with her words. With the mask covered the whole face we will never know her true expression under the mask, what kind of emotion that she is showing under it? Miorine will never know, and Prospera will use it to the fullest to direct Quiet Zero to her benefits. Another thing to note is whenever she took it off, she always act like a kind and caring mother to Suletta, it’s only when she put it on that her demeanor turn into that of a scheming avenger, who manipulated everyone and everything to further her scheme.

Biggest star in this episode, definitely is the revelation that Aerial is Eri, or Eri is Aerial’s core. Thanks to Bel confronting Prospera, we learn the true nature of the invincible Mobile Suit called Gundam Aerial. It feels like Bel is acting as a proxy for the audience to question Prospera about her motives and what she has done with her first daughter. To be fair, a prevalent theory before was that Suletta is Eri’s clone, now while that may still be true, it could also be that Prospera had another separate daughter, but maybe through in-vitro or some other artificial way. About Eri, the image of a young child beyond the data storm is extremely unnerving – even for Gundam. Before, when we see “human mobile suit” like the Phenex or Eins Graze, we just see the mechanical part, and the people that “fused” with the MS are usually adults, but seeing a child becoming a Mobile Suit is really devastating. Furthermore, from the “Cradle Planet” novel, Aerial’s thoughts are really mature for a 4-6 years old, and she treat Suletta with love and care, all the while obey Prospera to a fault since she is her mother. That proves that she “grew up” while being stuck inside the Gundam, and that’s really f***ed up.

And that would no doubt make Suletta suffer in the future. Her interaction with Sophie definitely has cracked her core more than ever, and now it would definitely worsen over time as she is clinging more and more to her mother’s motto, which has become more like a curse than a blessing since the end of the first season. With Eri is Aerial theory now confirmed, Suletta is definitely a pawn in Prospera’s hands. Prospera loved Suletta, sure, but everything she did is for Eri’s happiness, not Suletta’s, so it would not be that strange if she decided to sacrifice Suletta at some point in the story. Miorine, or anyone is fine, please help her when that time comes.

Also the fact that her Aerial – which was supposed to help people as a medicine, a cure – have caused the death of a young girl with mundane dreams of meals, comics, families…definitely hit Suletta hard. Since season 1, she has been hit with traumatizing blows after blows, but each and every time, she recovered, stood up and pushed forward with her mother’s motto – “run away and gain one, go forward and gain two”. After this, if Prospera don’t console her like before, she might break for real.

On one part, before and after Rumble Ring is definitely a great way to speed up the plot. The first half of the story felt like a normal school day episode, and yet the second half pushed nitro button to the max. Not only bloodshed with behind-the-scene scheme but also questions that affect character’s psychology, main characters and sub-characters alike. Asticassia faced its first school-shooting, first student death in a MS duel, and probably would not be the last. Considering Shaddiq’s cooking something, and he willing to go and it may result to the fallen of Asticassia and Benerit Group as a whole, something big will definitely go down, and it wont be pretty.

Talking about characters, our girl Nika need help. God help Nika please, that girl suffer too much, even trying to protect her true family by exposing herself as a terrorist, just to be stopped by Shaddiq’s underling, and now Martin has to contact the school officials to protect Earth House. The man actually mans up after what happened at Plant Quetta, but because of lacking information (Nika is at fault but let’s be honest, how could she tell the truth?), he had to do it, and will probably endure the hatred from his housemates. What will happen to Earth House after this? 

That makes me curious, what about the others aside from Earth house? Chuchu tried to protect Lauda and Felsi during the chaos, even though they are Spacians. This, hopefully, will be beneficial to Earth House, as they will suffer more after this episode. El5n and Norea’s interaction is a great one as well, for both of them acted out of their normal shell when they were with each other. Definitely an interesting couple to follow. Petra’s emotion (probably) to Lauda was another surprise as well, but not that illogical. The guy could have someone as emotional support after what he have, and will face in the future. May the staffs have mercy on him and Bob as well.

Animation of mech battles with each other, as always, is great. Mr. Ebikawa also design Chuchu’s Demi Trainer in episode 14 stick closely to the story, as Chuchu’s Demi could not have a full repair as Earth House is poor as hell, and GUND-ARM Inc has yet to do anything to have profits. Pharact’s, Thorn’s, and especially the fight between Aerial and Ur’s are as much intense as the plot surrounds it. Nothing I could review more about this part aside from the fact that GUNDVOLVA’s majority scenes are in CG, so we will definitely see them more as the grunt MS in the future. 

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