Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Sech Kai “Amaterasu” – Soukyuu no Fafner: Exodus

A strategist usually sits in the rear to observe the battle and formulate tactics to direct the battle according to his will. And at Tatsumiya, that role usually falls on the shoulders of the Siegfried system’s Operator. But the 3rd generation of Fafner pilot not only have tenacious and skilled fighters, but also a super genius who is also proficient on the battlefield. The pilot of the reborn Mark Sechs is Sui Kaburagi – whose talent even got acknowledged by Soushi Minashiro.

I. History:
– After Shoko’s sacrifice in Dead Aggressor, the Mark Sechs was all but destroyed. It wasn’t until Exodus that it was rebuilt as a completely new unit (but with the old design) and assigned to Sui Kaburagi – a 3rd generation Fafner pilot. After the Expedition Team from Tatsumiya departed, the Island’s Fafner force was essentially cut in half, so they need new pilots for the new Nothung model that the mechanic team has built. Sui Kaburagi was remarked by Alvis as having exceptional IQ and can multitask very efficiently. He was also a candidate for the Siegfried system as he is a brilliant strategist.

– Sui and the Mark Sechs Kai – codenamed the Amaterasu – usually take point during defense operations. The Mark Sechs’ high mobility allow it to lure the enemy into the Island’s designated battlefield so the other Fafner units can face them down. When piloting the Fafner, Sui’s personality is altered so that he becomes more aggressive and arrogant, even ordering Soushi around in the Siegfried system. Even Soushi has to acknowledge that his ability is even higher than his own. During battle, Sui isn’t afraid to sacrifice himself or other Fafner units to gain victory, but he usually got scolded after saying things like that.

– During a perilous battle, the Festum has adapted to the new pilot fighting style, and had them cornered. It was at this time that the Island’s blessing granted the three pilots new power – Super Dimensional Power – SDP. Sui’s SDP was the first to manifest and it surprised him greatly, but he quickly adapted and used it to destroyed the enemy and protected the Island. His ability was crucial in both offense and defense, but it also caused him great distress at times.

– Sui and the Mark Sechs continued fighting and protecting the island well into the Beyond. Sui was also operating the Siegfried System instead of Kenji whenever he’s not piloting. During the 6th Operation Azure, Sui reached his limit and the assimilation phenomenon almost took his life, but he was able to hang on. Thanks to Miwa and Altair’s blessing, everyone’s assimilation phenomenon was mostly suppressed.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Sechs Kai is given the name “Amaterasu” (based on Amaterasu Oomikami – the glorious sun god). While the original Mark Sechs was destroyed completely by Fenrir, a new Fafner was rebuilt based on its blue print. The Mark Sechs Kai also share the original unit color scheme – which is greyish white. The number code for it is XVI (16) which is ten added to Sechs (6). The unit retains the large flight module on the back for mobility.

– Sui is an extremely intelligent boy with very high IQ. He could ace any games and test effortlessly and his analytic skill is amazing. He could grasp the battlefield situation and come up with a strategy that will achieve victory. The Amaterasu’s role is to zone and lure the enemy to small islands next to Tatsumiyajima and trap them between the Welle Shield so the other units can pick them off. The Mark Sechs Kai is primarily in the air during combat, using ranged weapons in creative ways to dispatch the enemy.

– Sui’s weapon of choice is the Gundrake – a ranged weapon with double-bladed edge so it can also be used as a slicing weapon. It is very similar to a Gunblade. Aside from using the weapon in the conventional way, Sui also utilize the Razing Cutter’s wire to swing the Gundrake like a morningstar, lodging the weapon into the Festum and pull the trigger using the wire, effectively disposing of the Festum at a save distance without being consumed by the blackhole worm.

– The Amaterasu and Sui’s SDP is the ability to “pull” objects – including living beings – to his side – whether to his Fafner’s arms or into the cockpit. He is able to teleport weapons in Alvis’ armory to the Fafner, essentially making the entire weapon bay at its disposal. The unit was seen using the Luger Lances, Gundrakes, Durandals and other weapons that it can teleport. At one point, Sui was even able to teleport a person into the Fafner’s cockpit. This ability is especially crucial when he was tasked to “pull” the enemy’s core from its hiding place out into the open.

– In The Beyond, the Amaterasu is converted into the Einherjar model and gain new armor to further improve the Einherjar modules’ performance.

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