Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 12: Musashi X

Ok ok, like i said from the previous review, this is a big event episode and to be honest it surpassed my expectations. Not only the debut of Musashi X but also show us the thing that appears in most of the mecha anime, yep the space total strike. There is no problem with this ep but it is because of the script of this ep that I feel more and more flawed in the last episode. I will mention it right below.

First The last episode should separate the second half and add more details to explore inside Orteca mothership. Like before starting a main plot chapter you have to do 1-2 side stories to have enough background information for that chapter. I totally think that the last episode 24 (ep 11 ss2) can be split into 2 episodes and leave this episode 25 right after that, so it won’t be suffocated and squeeze in the plot of the series. However, maybe the studio is also quite frustrated to prolong this series and they are trying to quickly wrap it up in the next few episodes. Through multiple delays for various reasons and having to sync with the game version, I think they’re just trying to put an end to their suffering to do something else (this is just my theory, nothing to confirm it).

One character that changed sides that I was quite surprised by in this episode was Veloa- Sarzant’s younger brother. Instead of being like father and son, we now have like older brother like younger brother, both big bro Sarzant and Veloa are respected as a loyal knight.
About Musashi X, its weapons include 1 shield 1 sword, but it is worth mentioning here that the sword is named kusanagi which is another name for Ame no Murakumo. From this name I guess, in the next episodes, Musashi X’s final move might be able to defeat Ame no Murakumo’s destructive attack.

About the animation of this ep, of course tt would be a grave omission without mentioning the gattai scene of Musashi X. The whole combine scene is completely Super Sentai style, separate each part and then the big parts combine first and the leftovers will be used as weapons. The scene that impressed me the most during the transformation was the Head Blade open scene, I never thought of a scene where a robot’s head popped up and rotated its neck and its fin also rotated like a pinwheel before it split into a v fins. At first I thought, this Musashi X looks like crossbone gundam or double X but have a bulk body because of the X-shaped wing design on the back but now I really want to own a model of this robot. In my opinion, for ranking, Musashi X is the coolest then Zero and finally the normal musashi.

The BGM of Gattai scene also blow up too, it begin with electronic music beats of guitar which has a similar vibe to the 1 part of the song “An Out of Body State”- the ost of Shin Ultraman, right after that the ost switched to a high note with a pounding beat and then ended with musashi’s op 1. With the op 1 also named Musashi, I don’t think there’s any song that can match Musashi X’s gattai scene.

Overall, this is a perfectly fine episode, like the first dish of the main dishes (although episode 24 as the appetizer wasn’t very good). the father and son scene finds each other of Takumi and dr. Haruma quite humorous which makes the atmosphere of the episode less stressful (after all, maybe Level 5 doesn’t want a heavy atmosphere for the series for children to watch too). We have seen Mirai manifest her psychic powers, hope that power can make Teru’s deathflag disappear or some miracle happen. Kuze-kun was already on Ame no Murakumo to rescue Margaret, maybe in the next episode we will see a chemical reaction and these two officially become a couple.

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