Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 11: The enemy within?

After more than 3 weeks of delay, finally we can watch Musashi again, but wait they already announced a delay of the last 2 episodes due to the covid-19 pandemic. Musashi this season has probably set a new record in the anime industry when it has been more than 3 times delayed the release of a new episode. Well, enough complaint about the production of this series, at least the plot and animation still keep its quality. Even there is no fight scene in this episode, we have seen a new character in the opening and a hint of Musashi X debut.

First according to Grieaffas at the beginning of this episode the Dractors will fight against Elzed and at the end of this episode the Ixia side will face Ortega motherbase. Each faction has its own target that need to be solved. However, there are not many episodes left of this season, will the last episodes be all 4 sides fighting others or the Dractors of Grieffas and Ixia who are the winners and fight each other at the last.

About the Sanctuary aka Ortega Motherbase, according to this ep, this base is approximately the size of the city of Chicago, Ixia compared to it is like comparing an ant to a human, but even inside Ixia is already big, so I really can’t believe the numbers for this anime lol. From the conversation with DD, Ortega’s commander, seems like there are somethings wrong in this base. Right after that, a series of bad events happened such as many securities in public places, Yamato’s group is attacked, Kuze is injured or the mysterious man at the end of the film. Perhaps Ortega motherbase itself has many secrets and instability even in the residential area.

Speaking of Yoshitsune, tbh I don’t really like the design of this machine. it gives me a feeling this machine is more about alien technology than being upgraded from Musashi class data. And it also makes me feel like SRW’s Grungust combined with the insect Kaijin in Kamen rider and painted it with pink and white to create this. Meanwhile, the design of Ame no Murakumo is quite cool, about Ame no Murakumo, if you research a bit, this is the katana used by Susanowo to cut the Orochi great snake in his folklore. In this series, it is the most powerful spaceship, humanity’s ultimate weapon to fight the Dractors according to Ortega Motherbase’s mascot. Although it is a ship named after a legendary sword, it seems that the most powerful weapon of the ship is the big cannon right at the bow lol.

About new character appear in this ep, I think everyone will agree with me that Kojiro Toyama is really similar to 1 character from the anime list of Level 5 if watch enough. That right, he is quite similar to Fubuki Shirou, a character I personally like in Inazuma 11 and also has 2 personalities. Level 5 really likes characters who have psychological problems and have 2 personalities huh. Just like Fubuki, Kojiro’s main personality is shown to be a gentle person while his older brother’s personality tends to be violent. I feel bad that a multi-personality character being debuted near the end of the series is somehow wasted because multi-personality characters will usually need about two-thirds of a series’ time to fully char dev, really grow and surpass themselves. Also, another bad point about this character is that the other personality tends to be violent but through flashback, Kojiro’s brother is a firefighter and his personality is somewhat similar to Yamato. For a character told like that and become a violent personality in Kojiro is really a fatal mistake in character creation.

Overall, This episode is an introductory episode to open the big event in the following episodes, although there are many unsatisfactory points, but in general, there is not much to criticize. And Teru, you need to see a psychiatrist, I don’t think it’s a good idea to lock up a android with the same shape and face of your lover and show a picture of your baby to the android, on the constrary, you seem like creepy and insane in the eyes of others. In the opening we saw a scene where he used Yoshitsune to fight Musashi X so I guess in just 1-2 episodes the fight will happen and of course with Musashi X’s Plot amor the victory will go to Yamato’s side. Besides, Margaret disobeyed her grandfather’s orders, the most powerful person on earth at this time. the battle in the later episodes will be a tough challenge to the Yamato’s side.

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