Mecha Profile: AHSMB Gold Four – Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

With Red Five, Blue One and Rose Three getting right up the Wulgaru’s faces, Ataru Suruga stayed behind the line, but not just to observe, but to dispatch. He is the weapon fanatic and artillery afficionado of team Rabbit aka the Gun Geek. Suruga’s knowledge of weapons even exceed the specialists and he uses it to full effect to provide covering fire or sometimes the decisive shot with his AHSMB: the Gold Four.

I. History:
– After the war with the Wulgaru started (you can read about it here), the military has constructed AHSMB units based on Wulgaru technology that princess Teoria provided. Initially, five units were made and assigned to Team Rabbit – the worst performing squad at the MJP school. Gold Four was one of the five units and was assigned to Suruga Ataru (who you will recognized is voiced by Gokai Silver). He is a total geek for anything weapons-related – including guns, cannons, missiles and many other types of weaponries.

– Despite being overly obsessed with weapons, Suruga is still a respectable marksman. His knowledge of weaponries allow him to pick the best load-out for any situation and his marksmanship helps making the crucial shots possible. Even though he isn’t on the frontline, Suruga’s impact in Team Rabbit’s battles is huge, with him delivering the finishing blow to many Wulgaru generals.

– Gold Four’s war record is exceptional. Not just dispatching many Wulgaru soldiers, but also powerful Wulgarians such as Klein, Lutiel and Dioluna. Even though the Forwards did most of the work and kept them occupied, Ataru and Gold Four delivered the finishing blow, usually using high-powered weapons.

– After the event of the tv series, another Wulgaru threat appeared, and Team Rabbit had to descend to Earth and fight. Gold Four awakened during the descend to take out Wulgaru soldiers endangering the students and staff of Granzere Academy. At the end, Gold Four and Rose Three delivered the finishing blow against Dioluna.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The AHSMB-004 Gold Four is the 4th unit assigned to Team Rabbit. The unit is 14-meter tall with a yellow (golden) color-scheme. Similar to other AHSMBs, the Gold Four also has a core unit and an exo-frame. The core unit is a small humanoid robot that can perform basic function. Gold Four’s frame is quite smaller and thinner than the other 2 humanoid units R5 and B1. The unit doesn’t have a traditional right arm but a sniper cannon in its place.

– The Rose Three was made with Wulgaru technology that Teoria supplied, most notably the inclusion of the JURIA System. The system allow the AHSMB to move according to the pilot’s survival instinct. During battle, if the pilot’s instinct is to run, the AHSMB won’t be able to fight and will choose to flee. But if the pilot is determined to fight and survive the battle, then the AHSMB will turn into fierce combat machine with a lot of potential. The stronger the will, the more “fluid” the unit move. If the pilot freeze during battle, the unit will also freeze and may lead to catastrophic results. For Suruga, this phenomenon only happen once during their first battle, and then he got used to the system and Gold Four never froze again.

– The Gold Four is extremely thinly armored, opting for an array of high precision optical for sniping. The unit’s role is Gunner, so he stay behind the line to pick off enemy targets one by one, sometimes letting loose missiles and other armaments.

– Just like the Blue One, the Gold Four is capable of the “genetic awakening” phenomenon – where the frame of the unit changes and the performance of the unit increase significantly. For Gold Four, the cannon on the right arm transform and it gained 3 targeting rings which enhance the power of the shot. Gold Four’s aiming capability also increases and the unit emit a red aura like the Blue One.

– As the master of artillery, Suruga knows how to choose Gold Four’s extensive armaments, such as:

1. Type-88 High Charged Particle Cannon: Gold Four’s primary weapon. When in use, the unit’s head shifted onto the weapon’s top slot to connect to the aiming system and the left arm connect to the slot on the side of the weapon. The weapon has a long range and considerable power. One shot is enough to dispatch a Wulgaru soldier.

2. Photon Resonance Rapid Fire Cannon: located on the left-arm. It is a small turret that fires small but fast beam bullets. Mostly use to intercept projectiles or cause confusion.

3. Type-87 High-Mobility Guided Missile “Magic Wand”: can be equipped on the Gold Four’s shoulder. They are homing missiles that can lock on to targets and chase them. It is possible to equip multiple pods.

4. Type-88 Medium-Range Impact Beam Cannon: Used during the Ceres War. The weapon can be mounted on the back of the unit and swing forward to engage. Its 4 long barrels help focus the beam and increases effectiveness.

4. Type-91 Composite Multi Warhead Medium-Range Interceptor Bullet “Sprint”: Can be attached to the left arm. This weapon releases multiple small bullet to riddle the target with holes. Can be mixed with the missile type “Kiden”.

5. Type-91 Composite Multi Warhead Medium-Range Guided Missile “Kiden”: Can be attached to the left arm. Can be mixed with the bullet type “Sprint”.

6. Type-87 Large Anti-Ship Guided Missile “Death Fire”: large warhead missile capable of destroying relatively large Wulgaru target.

7. Type-86 Mobile Explosive Mine: can be released as mines and trigger when enemy hit them. Equipped on the hips
8. Type-88 Short Range Diffusion Particle Cannon: equipped on the left arm in place of the Photon Rapid Fire Cannon. A weaker variant of the shoulder mounter ver.

8. Type-90 Heavy-duty Laser Rifle: a foldable rifle “right arm” that can replace the traditional Type-88. This weapon has a longer range than the Type-88 rifle. Used during the Ceres War.

9. High Output Long-range Optical Beam Cannon “Freischutz”: A smaller modified Straggler cannon that shoot particle beam at the speed of light. This weapon is bigger than the Gold Four’s entire body and can be attached in place of its right arm. The weapon is extremely powerful and can snipe target even from orbit. Suruga used this weapon to finish off Klein – a Wulgaru General.
10. Godinion Main Beam Cannon: The Godinion’s main weapon equipped at the helm. It is a powerful beam weapon that can be linked to Gold Four’s aiming and fire control system. Suruga and Gold Four can fire the weapon anytime anywhere they want. He used this weapon to finish off Lutiere – a Wulgaru General.

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