Megaton musashi SS 2 Ep 2: What we hold dear

Episode 2 of Musashi ss2 returns to its fast-paced action-packed and incredible characterization. If there’s one thing Musashi doesn’t have, it’s the hype brake. It just keep going and going and every episode there are important things happening, and details getting fleshed out too.

The ep 2 begin with the fight of Yamato team and the Grieffas’s soldier Veloa. I must say that the design of Veloa machine is really eye-catching. It looks bulky, the large arm guards remind me of the Rayearth one and at the same time the yellow lines highlight the red color of this machine, also the eye weapons looks fun, like a will-o-wisp but have an eye of Sauron in there lol. The robot design of this anime is really good but the only one that Bandai released is the Musashi which isn’t even a kit. I think Bandai is really ignoring the potential of this series.

Yamato as always, his strategy is unpredictable. Like Ash in pokemon, every time people think there’s no way to beat the enemy or hit a dead end, he always comes up with cool stuff and just does it. His combat instinct just go beyond normal. As for the princess, perhaps this is the episode that was clearly used to develop this character. Besides the development in the story, the character Arshem is being developed most clearly in the psychological transformation. From a girl with only ideals, she is getting more and more exposed to “reality”. Through this episode, we already know that Victor is Momoka’s father and he has a big plan to save the people in Solon. If the story follows the way as I think, Victor will face Yamato’s group in the future.

I’m really satisfied with the visuals of this volume 2. The 3D fight scenes are smooth and there is no sense of out of sync in motion. The fight of Musashi 0 and Musashi when Kuze pilot are fine from the fight scene to the camera angle. The ost of Musashi 0 are playing from warrior style music that increases fighting spirit to electronic music, there’s really nothing to criticize. Kuze – on the other hand, display another fighting style that is a complete contrasted with Yamato – refined, efficient and elegant.

Overall, this is a relatively moderate episode, neither too fast nor too slow. In short, we have 2 illegal immigrants and they know the secrets of musashi, Teru wants to “buy milk” (if you guys know what I mean) but he can’t and want to exterminate his child and Maximus’s pilots have some psychological problem very badly. The story line is fine right now, hope it won’t be forced to cut or speed up to fit 12 ep.   

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