Ultraman Blazar ep 4: Among Us Ultra Edition

Since this week’s episode focuses on Emi Aobe doing her undercover mission for SKaRD of gathering intel on Novaio, a major chemical company that’s well known for developing FK1 to fend off this week’s molluscan Kaiju, Leviera. This due to a lead found by Teruaki who said that Leviera looks like man-made sea angels that’s created by a subsidiary of Novaio. This combined with the fact that the Novaio is the only one that can make the substance used to stop the Kaiju sounds quite fishy. Not to mention, one of the CEO, Mr. Sonezaki, used to be in GGF’s Chemical Department before he resigned and removed all records of his involvement there. These leads sure make Novaio a prime suspect behind this episode’s incident.

About Mr. Sonezaki himself, I smell so many red flags from this man the moment he was first introduced, probably due to his narcissistic nature. From how he is “meditating” by listening to his own voice singing his own praise and how he’s so proud of the FK1 being used to fend off Leviera. It’s as if he’s saying “Look at this! Look at how my chemical managed to put a stop to a Kaiju attack! It’s the only that’s effective against the Kaiju, so buy it and thank me by telling me how good it is!” Something about him in general just rubs me the wrong way, and sure enough, it was proven in the middle of the episode.

Emi herself is doing her job really well as an undercover. From how she’s pampering Mr. Sonezaki to gain her trust by complying to his minor demands such as delaying his meeting for him to “meditate”, giving him flowers that Emi thought suits him well, and also taking his picture for PR project. Turns out, Emi taking pictures of Mr. Sonezaki for PR project is front for her to gain access to his top-secret documents. Even though she’s eventually busted by Mr. Sonezaki and his cronies, or so I thought. This too was also part of Emi’s plan along according to Yasunobu with the scene where Emi and Gento argue in front of a projecting screen watched by many people, including one of Mr. Sonezaki’s underlings.
There are some fun moments that I want to mention in this episode. Gento and Emi’s conversation in this episode feels less like a captain and a subordinate and more like a very close work colleague. The way they talk to each other is more casual than formal with how the exchanges “I have my ways” phrase. This extends to the moment when they argue, plus when Gento noticed that he and Emi argued until they’re in front of many people watching them then embarrassed himself is pretty funny, which he points out during observation in the mobile outpost with Yasunobu. When the situation calls for it (according to him at least, not Emi’s signal), Gento starts to go save Emi, after bumping his head to the van’s ceiling. I find this funny and relatable because surely, we have that situation where we’re in a hurry and bump ourselves on whatever things we couldn’t see. A very fatherly thing.

Now onto the action portion of the episode. When I know that this episode is going to focus on Emi on her undercover mission, I expected some good human combat, and boy they sure deliver it. Warabino’s experience as Heart from Kamen Rider Drive really shows here. Seeing him trading blows with Sonezaki’s underling is such a delight and brought a sense of nostalgia to me of his time as Heart. Emi herself proves that she has an expertise in combat as well. The way she quickly disarms the Mr. Sonezaki’s gun when he’s looking away is so cool to watch, and how she found random object like a short rope to fight shows that her capability of using anything to fight (as for now). Going on a slight tangent a bit, the sight of girls in suit fighting is always will be cool to me. The cherry on top in this action scene is of course when Gento delivers a finishing punch to Sonezaki. Seriously, it feels so good and cathartic seeing him getting his just dessert.

After all the fighting is over, the Kaiju awakes. This makes Gento’s Blazar Brace to appear, when he’s besides Emi. Luckily, Gento managed to convince Emi to go retreat bringing Sonezaki, while hiding his brace behind his back. When there is no people insight, Gento transforms into Blazar, indoors. This with Leviera fully awakens of course destroyed the building. Leviera’s regenerative ability makes it difficult to fight, to the point where Blazar’s color timer turns red. In this moment, Emi has a brilliant idea to fight it with a liquid nitrogen. Thus, Earth Garon assists Blazar by throwing the liquid nitrogen into the Kaiju and makes it frozen solid. This creates an opportunity for Blazar to finish it of with his Spiral Burrade. Despite the rivalry between him and SKaRD, it’s nice to see Blazar and SkaRD’s mech work together and I’m surely looking forward for these two to work together again. Even Earth Garron is happy after helping Blazar, shown by its smiling eyes. It seems that Earth Garron is made with various expressions in mind, and I’m looking forward for more of those.

The episode ends with Emi showing her gratitude to Gento by giving him flowers, for his family of course. Even though Gento is already a family man, I’m looking forward for more of his interaction with Emi, as a work colleague of course. Next episode will be focusing on Anri, and I’m curious what sort of development they would have for her next week.


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