Synduality: Noir Ep 5 Review: Newlywed Honeymoon

Episode 5 of Synduality begins with the capture of type-zero Magus, perhaps a hint that an unknown group understands the power of type zero. Besides that, we also get to see how Noir tries to really connect with Kanata (as between Drifter and Magus, of course). In this episode we also see that Kanata himself still has a lot to improve but besides that we also see the chemistry between these two (and ironic scenes).

At first, I didn’t think Kanata would see Claudia again so soon, I thought this ara-ara onee san would return around the end of episodes like around episode 10 but instead we get to see Claudia and Flamme again right after the last ep. The way to build the plot like that is fine, but it makes me feel that the development and relationship of each character is only encapsulated in relation to Kanata, and Noir who is the only mystery that is easy to exploit and more plot development. After exchanging a few words with Kanata, Claudia revealed to him that the way to develop each relationship between Drifter and Magus was to go to the ruins of maze – Fes. As long as they leave the labyrinth safely together, they can be together forever. As for Claudia, this is yet another trap she sets for Kanata and acts “nothing personal”, it’s true that all she does is for Flamme, her beloved Magus, this is not wrong with the Drifter world (competitive, act for their own purposes and hard to trust). Also through some of Claudia’s lines from the previous episode we can also see how important Flamme is to her and vice versa.

As for Kanata I was quite surprised because, after all he still went to Fes, I wondered if he wanted to be with Noir as a partner or as a lover. Although in this episode the two start to act like a “couple”, but for Kanata I hope to see more determination and less ambiguity about their relationship in the future.

As I said above Kanata still has a lot of room for improvement and in this episode if it wasn’t for the timely intervention of Tokio, Ellie and Michael, Kanata would have completely lost Noir. Of course, plot armor won’t let that happen, but praise must be given to Tokio, the instincts of a skilled Drifter are probably insurance for anything that happens to Kanata. I noticed from last episode, but there’s an aura about Tokio that makes him both trustworthy (in work) and unreliable (in spending money and other entertainment lol).

And Michael, I’m quite amazed at his sniping and targeting abilities, sasuga the leader of Aventure. Although I would like to see more of him, he’s quite interesting and not at all a spoiled bocchan. And Ellie is still the same, like Ange said “young love in hard mode” and in this emotional battle with Kanata is really hard mode for her, without initiative, not quickly grasping the opportunity and the most important thing is not boing boing. At least she managed to say something in this ep, but I feel like she’s there just to be a jump pad for Noir.

Although Kanata did relatively well last ep despite it was just against the Enders, but in the fight with Claudia he did very well. Taking advantage of all the information you have and work closely with Noir. It can be said that the two are connected with each other to some extent. The fight scene of this episode is also quite good, the scene where Kanata chases and fights Claudia at a relatively fast pace. One side hides in the smoke and shoots the other side to dodge and wait for the opportunity to hit the weak point. This episode also has many scenes that viewers can set as their own wallpaper (if you like the Coffins design).

Besides that, the BGM scene chases Claudia until she uses smoke which is quite enticing. From a longer pause and slowly to fast and heavy drumming, like the way she fired a gun out of smoke.

Overall, we get to see Kanata improving as well as his synchronicity with Noir. Being husband and wife is to act in the same way or to compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Kanata and Noir are not a couple but their actions are like newlyweds. Tokio is still the same, being Kanata’s babysitter and cleaning up the extras to let Kanata shine. Just like its name Glenshinobi, in this episode this Coffin fights like a real shinobi, releasing smoke, shadow clone technique, and throwing kunai but it seems like a ninja can’t win against an orge lol. Although she didn’t have a any specific ill will towards Kanata and Noir, the way Claudia act really put her in a bad light for viewers. I hope this isn’t intentional just so they can redeem her and off her later.

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