Synduality: Noir Ep 3 Review: Bromance In The Brothel

Episode 3 of Synduality:Noir serves as a pace-breaker to introduce the next storyline, as well as having some hilarious moments after the last two action-packed and somewhat depressing in tone episodes. Now that Kanata has found his resolved and Noir has made a pact with him, it’s time for Kanata to man up…in more ways than one. And who else is better to assist him in his ascendance to adulthood other than Tokio – the man whose first time didn’t went very well iykwim.

In this ep, we can see how best bro Tokio is, become a Driter maybe a sign of real man to Kanata, but real man “down there” is also important, and as a best bro like Tokio, he won’t let his bro be at adisadvantage like that. However, sadly till the end the only paradise Tokio get is the dopamine produced from sweat and tears when running with Mouton. But after all, if you wanna go to someplace like DesireNnest, you must have a wingman like Tokio. It’s like Quagmire in Family guy or Barney in HIMYM, a best bro will make your life more interesting.

Nothing much to talk about Noir this ep because she still in blank slate mode, but about Ellie I’m really not satisfied with this character. It’s like she’s been described as a childhood friend and has the typical short-tempered and reproachful personalities of this type of character. This character is sure to get the short end of the stick as a love rival. Moreover, her Tsundere personality is only making her lose more opportunities with Kanata, like in this episode when she wanted to ask Kanata to go on a mission, Tokio dragged Kanata to enjoy Boing Boing. I feel like Ellie is not really determined enough to conquer Kanata and will only serve as fan service in the next episodes.

And now we come to the main characters of this episode, Kurokamen and Schnee. As we all know, it’s time to see how cool this pairing is, and may appear as the villain of some mysterious or mercenary organization. Well, the mystery part is right, but Kurokamen’s debut makes him both cool and hilarious at the same time. Under the mask and cold face, he’s just a man who took things literally and thought that the “goddesses” at the brothel will “lead him to paradise”. Somehow I really respect him, in any situation he seems to be calm (although he looks a bit chuuni).

Then, about his Magus Schnee, seems like she is an experienced Magus, If Kurokamen was a sword, Schnee is more like a scabbard than a shield. that’s why she said that if anyone want to attack Kurokamen they should attack from behind, even though the fight scene in this episode she covered Kurokamen’s weakness very well (maybe this is a hint for Kanata to defeat Kurokamen in the next eps). Through this episode we can also see that Magus has abilities that have not been shown in the past 2 episodes. It could be because they don’t have enough acting space or because Schnee is a Magus on a higher level and unleashes the unknown potential of Magus. In addition, the way she looks at Noir, could be a hint to another Noir or an entire line of Noir has been lost.

And come to the main part of this volume, the scene of the fight between Coffins and Enders, of course all the highlights of this episode are on Gilbow, Kurokamen and Schnee’s Coffin. Although Gilbow’s appearance is not much, it is enough to impress and leave a mark on viewers. From the cockpit it is different from normal coffins, looks like it is sealed, and Gilbow’s signature weapon, this beam saber resembles the sword of the Sandrock gundam. The way it moved and the propulsion under the feet made me really like this Coffin model. To be honest, the look was a bit weird at first because the upper half of the body is quite long and uneven plus the 2 antennae look like rabbit ears but by this episode I’m pretty sure it deserves to be in the everyone’s collection.

Overall, it’s a fun episode and it also introduces the Kurokamen group, who certainly play an important role in the story line. Even the dirty Gilbow scene I found the interaction between Kurokamen and Schnee funny. The lines look cool but the lighting scene makes it look like 90s comedic moments. With this frequency I think it’s from ep 7 onwards that things start to get more serious and darker in the story. Well, let’s see where the story of Synduality will become.

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