Shinkalion Change the World Ep.5-6 Review: Run towards the future, Akane

After Ryota’s story arc, we now come to the last of the three characters, Akane Folder. If Taisei’s story is about the initiative to dare to do things he hasn’t tried yet, Ryota’s is about daring to speak out his hidden feelings, and Akane is about him standing up and once again running his own race.

With a not-so-favorable start between Akane and the Taisei group. Neither Ryota nor Taisei understands the problem Akane faces, but Akane is still stuck in her problem to be able to understand others. So coming to the main character of this arc Akane – a boy who was born into a family of athletes, from his parents to his two brothers to show that he is good in many fields. The advantage of being born into this family is that he is better than normal people, especially in sports, but on the contrary, there are also disadvantages: they have big egos, are stoic and have difficulty saying what they really think. We can see this most clearly when Akane’s parents visit him in the hospital as he cannot say what he wants to his brother until he hears how much luckier he is than Ryota and Taisei. Through that Akane also learned his lesson, he knew to say that he hated being his older brother’s shadow as well as he knew that his brother was not perfect and there were things Asahi didn’t know.

Coming to Taisei and Ryota, I really like the way the writing team did in episode 6. Not only contrasting Akane’s status with Taisei’s but also with Ryota’s. To Ryota, Akane is a genius even in being able to pilot the Shinkalion, something he had to try for many years until recently to be able to do (that’s about his own talent). As for Taisei, he contributes to giving the answer that Akane needs. Taisei gives Akane a different perspective when both are the younger brothers of two geniuses, the difference here is that Taisei may never Now I can talk to my sister, and Akane can. Whether he hates it or likes it, Akane can still talk to his brother because in case he won’t have the chance again.
Regarding the animation and design of these two episodes, first, the design of the E6 Komachi Top Lifter Form. To be honest, I underestimated the weapon design of E6 this time. I know they wanted the story to have someone strong in long-range firepower in the story, but I still feel the Top Lifter Form design is quite lazy. Top Lifter also doesn’t really have anything related to firepower. I was hoping the E6’s replacement legs would be equipped with missiles or at least made to look bulkier. Besides the bright spot of the gun turret on the back, I really don’t think the E6 has anything outstanding compared to the E5 and E7.

Next to the battle scene, the combined battle scene between E5 and E7 still maintains its smooth quality. In episode 6, the scene of E6’s final attack—Twistlock Buster—is really cool. It makes me feel like Mashu’s noble phantasm in FGO, but instead of just building a wall, this is building a fence and keeping E6 shooting to stabilize from the gun’s recoil.

Overall, The lesson learned in this episode is that not everyone is perfect, everyone has their own race, and no one is similar to others, so do your best and say what you want to say before it’s too late. So, the story of the three boys who joined the railway club was told. Akane seems like an unapproachable person but in reality he is not that cold and unpleasant, he’s just a little bit different and weird and if he plays with Taisei for a long time he will end up be assimilated by Taisei lol. The next episode will introduce a new character and this time it is a student in Nagoya, it seems that EDRA is trying to nationalizes travel for reacts to the Unknown with their Shinkalion pilots.

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