Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury Episode 18: Our Empty Selves

Everyone wants good things for you but never asks what makes you happy. One was your “Creator”, one was the rival that you respect, and one was somebody that you cherish…

We have seen “empty” characters, but for our Suletta, it sure is the first time we have seen a main character that was “given birth” in this late stage. Not only Suletta, but now we know that other Gundam pilots are “empty” as well, hence the name “Our empty selves”. 
What about those that are not empty? Buckle up fellas, we have more things to say.

First of all, on the Gundam pilots side.
How do you cope with what you are scared or despaired about?
One, you try to coat it with lies. 
Suletta, did that. She tried to lie to herself, that she was the one at fault. She couldn’t blame Guel, Miorine, or her mother. She had questioned Prospera before, but for only a glimpse, and was assured immediately by aERIal. She tried to take the blame on herself so that she didn’t have to blame others. This was pointed out, surprisingly by Chuchu of all people. But when you cope with lies for too long, the truth can break you inside out.

Two, you try to use excuses.
Norea did not want to die, nor did she want to pilot Gundam, the thing that could kill her sooner or later if she continues to pilot it. But if she doesn’t pilot it, then who is she? She is scared of death, but it seems that she is scared of the fact that she’s empty more. She wants something that could make her valuable, to make her existence at least have “something”. That is why she hated El5n, for he chose a different way, a way that she could choose in the first place: admit it.

To be honest, I prefer El4n to El5n, but I admit, El4n’s story ends in episode 6, and that’s fine. With how the plot is going at this point, El5n seems to be a better choice. He is an overall more interesting story, with more and more development in his characterization. He wants to live, he does not afraid to say he is scared of death, and he shall do everything he can to make sure that is his end: survive, no matter the solution.

On the other hand, those that were “not empty” was not in a favorable position either.

Talking about Shaddiq, his motivation is clearer than ever before: he wants to boost some of the Earth companies so that their foundation and potentially later on are stronger than ever. But what does that secretary girl mean when she said she would contact the Space Assembly League, I could only guess that he is trying a different approach to disband the Benerit Group as a whole, and he is preparing for that with the “help” from that League.

Thankfully, he is not a god, and he is still young. The fact that he tried to persuade Prospera while avoiding eye contact with her proves there are cracks in his plans, and he, at that moment, was half lying, half telling truth. If he eye-contacted Prospera, while she is still wearing that mask, he sure will expose himself to Prospera.

Miorine did not realize that she had (accidentally) became idealistic, and did not question back Prospera or even think about it. Guel has somewhat raised his eyebrows at Prospera, but he isn’t the “main” factor to do anything, as he is just a collaborator to boost Miorine so that she could get the president’s seat. As he is the closest person to Miorine at the moment, if he does not stop her at the right time, then both are doomed by, high chance, Prospera, before Shaddiq’s faction could do anything.

The same could be said to Prospera, as the cracks are beginning to appear, and now, it is through Belmera, and one faction that she (probably) couldn’t anticipate to join this already wild battlefield: the Space Assembly League. This meeting may result in something that would cause the downfall of Prospera herself.
One last thing, aERIal. She has done what she wanted to do since the prequel novel Moon Cradle: she wanted Suletta to be free, not get into this spiral mess and told her mother to let Suletta out of this revenge crusade. With PERMET 8, she now can do that. Prospera did have something for Suletta, not mere god – her creation relationship, but mother-daughter. The smile that younger Prospera showed to us in the flashback was not like the cold smile when she is “Prospera”, but more like “Elnora”. This makes Prospera an extremely complex character, and I hope that my hypeness I’m currently giving to the show is worth it.

Next Episode: Miorine on Earth.


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