Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury episode 15 – Fathers and Children

What I have seen this episode was a whole different experience since the first episode of G-Witch.
I don’t think that this is the best episode to date, but it’s definitely an out-of-the-school setting which G-Witch has set up since the beginning, and I think that I understand why this episode was the one following right up episode 14, to prepare to us for this. And for an episode with “Father and Child” title, we had at least 3 father and child group, and all of them contribute to the great that is episode 15. Hell, home sweet home, it is bad, it is ugly, and yet, it is home.

Following the “successful” failure event in episode 14, the Dawn of Fold (DOF) branch on Earth had to evacuate after Nika contacted the authority. From what we have seen, their HQ was originally a refuge camp, with not enough to go around. The people in this camp sheltered DOF, and DOF probably helped with the security, but then the incident in episode 14 happened, and now they had to evacuate before the Benerit Garrison Force on Earth reach their place. They have to found a different place for refugees and move there before the Garrison Force came and slaughter them. The situation couldn’t be worse than ever. That was the main story of this episode.

Norea, after that failure, was hiding in Shaddiq’s place, alongside Nika as a captive. She now blamed the reason for that failure on Nika, even though she did not realize that Shaddiq’s might be the real reason or even herself and Sophie. But it sure was a great way to let both Nika and Norea’s ideaology clash with each other. Norea’s voice actress did a wonderful job when Norea went on a rampage on Nika. Also Nika is looking pretty bad. And she’s the only person we see from the Earth House in this episode, it sure makes us on edge on the status of the Earth guys. One part made seems intriguing was that Norea said to Sabine that she is a traitor. Does that mean, all of Shaddiq’s girls are Earthians as well?

Which is possible, because Shaddiq himself was a half, to be precise. His ideaology, his schemes, even though it sounds just like his adoptive father said, “shallow”, but it was also logical as the environment that he grew up helped solidified his view, and eventually set stone to what he want to do. But, is this even his real scheme? Or just another camouflage?

Speaking about Shaddiq, Miorine after talking with Prospera, she did not blindly do what Prospera said, she tried to consult with one of the closest person to her parents, Rajan. Surprisingly, he gave Miorine a deep insight on why Delling decided to witch-hunt Gundam and his marriage, well, surprise again, not because of political reasons. Once more, for him to encourage Miorine to do what her heart feels right earn another positive point for his character. If he dies later on, it better be for good reasons. Although it doesn’t excuse Delling for being a shitty dad and the massacre on Vanadis either.

The real motive behind Quiet Zero, or should I say, Nortrett/Nortrette’s (depends on which platform you watched G-Witch) Quiet Zero is not that hard to contemplate why she and later her husband want to achieve. But now that Prospera is involved with this project, god knows what kind of cards she can play behind Delling’s, even Miorine’s back if Miorine decided to take her father’s mantle.

Return to DOF’s side. In their base reside, again, one hell of an MS design: the Prodoros. That baby has the Front Mission’s vibe designs. Seriously, the 6 MS designs appeared in episode 13 ain’t a thing with this baby or even the Desultor. 2 chain guns, 1 heavy assault rifle, and one big ass thick blade spear, it sure feels outdated compared to its opponents (the Heindree Strum and Zowort Heavy) but as we have seen in this episode: the problem always about the pilot.

That makes me curious, what about the others aside from Earth house? Chuchu tried to protect Lauda and Felsi during the Talking about the battle, its animation in this episode felt like the old Gundam shows we have seen before. It has beam rifles, it has real ammo chain guns and a physical CQC weapon. We don’t have flashy GUND-BITs spam beams or awesome Aerial’s shield blocking bullets, we have gritty battles with life being lost as the battle continued. And gritty battles wont complete without casualties caused by either stray bullets or not. 

Both sides had their advantages and their disadvantages but no side really overwhelmed the other. The music has a bitter, hard feeling rather than the grand almighty hero, which suits perfectly what happened. While I’m not complaining with what G-Witch has shown to us, this one just felt unique. And that person, is Olcott.

A seasoned pilot, ex-Dominicus. His decision to join DOF definitely related to the death of his family, and the orphan children that we saw through out episode 15. On Dominicus report side, it said that the attack that result his family death was caused by Earthians, they why did he join them anyway? And although on the “Deadpool” he did get 3 MS, this could not happened without the sacrifice from the others. And that made the fight became more interesting than ever.  

Last of all, Guel Jeturk. No words could describe how amazing his journey up till now. From the type of character designed to be hate, he now becomes one of the most likable and mature character in the casts of G-Witch. Not once, but he had to witness death for the third time if we counted Jim’s death. From indirectly, to direct, to the girl died right up on his arm. He was on the verge of suicide-by-starvation, being kept captive since the attack on Plant Quetta, and he tried to suicide by forcing himself not to eat, which failed since the DOF guy forced food down her throat anyway. But at the end, with the help of Olcott, he knew what he had to do, and what kind of path he need to go.

He has lost everyone he cared about. He lost his father – by his own hands even, he was estranged from his brother, his family, separated from his schoolmates and his “crush” Suletta. He was also separated from the people in the company that he worked for and admired – albeit for an extremely short time. He was pampered since his childhood, was a strong duelist at school, and even when he fell from grace, he was treated with respect and camaraderie. But now, all he’s got is a chain in a busted bathroom, with shitty food being forced down his throat. He’s still a teenager but he already got blood on his hands – of his father and a strange girl dying on his arms. This forces him to rise up – to stand up for the things he used to stand for – the honor of House Jeturk. But this time, it’s not for his father, not for the company or anything else, this time it’s for himself – for the people he care about. We’re very eager to follow this amazing redemption story of Guel.

Next episode, Cycle of Sins. Prospera will probably have something to do with the episode. It will definitely be a great one.


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