Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Funf Kai “Tsukuyomi” – Soukyuu no Fafner: Exodus

On Tatsumiyajima, there is a legend of a hero called Kidou Samurai – Goubain. While based off a manga, the mantle of Goubain has been passed down from the first Mark Funf user to the next. The 2nd generation – Hiroto – passed down the samurai’s helmet to his successor – Mimika Mikagami. The 3rd generation Fafner pilot embraces the title and become the shield of the island with her Mark Funf Kai “Tsukuyomi”.

I. History:
– After the arrival of Emery and Commander Makabe’s decision to send half of the Island’s force on the Expedition team, Tatsumiyajima need more Fafner pilots to protect the Island – and three 3rd generation pilots were chosen: Reo Mikado, Kaburagi Sui and Mimika Mikagami. They are the youngest of all Fafner pilots, but their potential is extremely high due to their upbringing and bonds with each other. Mimika – despite being a girl – was extremely athletic and energetic. But sometimes she’s a bit reckless and rushes into things. But when on a Fafner, she’s very responsible and selfless.

– Mimika was given the retrofitted Fafner Mark Funf, this is one of the few times that Alvis has two Fafners of the same model operating at the same time. The other Mark Funf was still being used by Hiroto on the Expedition team (and he still call himself the 2nd Gen Goubain as well).The unit was named “Tsukuyomi” by Canon as she was part of the mechanic team that retrofitted those Fafners. The three pilots use their Fafner and protect the Island from the Festum threat while their senpais are away on a mission. However, after many victories, the Festum adapted to the 3rd gen pilots fighting style, which led to a dangerous situation where they were helpless. At that time, Mimika and the other pilots accepted the blessing of the Island and awakened their SDP – Super Dimensional Power – that helped them turn the tide.

– However, during a perilous battle, Mimika overused her SDP, which almost caused her to be fully assimilated, instead her existence was turned into an orb. However, her will still remain and she was still able to fight

– Mimika and the Tsukuyomi continued fighting and protecting the island well into the Beyond. However, during an operation, she reached his limits as a Fafner pilot and succumbed to the assimilation phenomenon along with her lover – Reo. The two were almost crystalized when Soushi(2) helped them with the Mark Nicht. Reo and Mimika were put into the assimilation chamber where they would most likely spend the rest of their life in a coma. The Mark Funf Kai was assimilated by the Mark Nicht as a result.

– Fortunately, thanks to Miwa and the Mark Sein absorbing the extremely powerful Mir Altair and shared its blessings with the world at the end of the 6th Operation Azure, Mimika managed to awaken, soon followed by Reo. After that, it is implied they got married and live happily together.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Funf Kai is given the name “Tsukuyomi” (based on Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto – a deity of the moon). While the Mark Funf usually has grey-ish color, Mimika wanted to paint it pink because she like the color and it suits her personality. The Tsukuyomi’s number is XV (15) despite Funf is only “Five”. The Tsukuyomi is a 3rd-generation Nothung-model with a lot of improvements over the previous machines. During Exodus, it still retain the general Fafner silhouette. During The Beyond, it has been upgraded with new armor into the Einherjar model.

– Mimika enjoys sport and has a lot of energy and resilience, and the Mark Funf is known for its signature equipment: the Aegis Equipment. The Tsukuyomi is also equipped with 4 energy shields that can shoot beam blast to destroy the Festum. While previous Mark Funf users generally use the shield for defensive purposes, Mimika also utilize the Aegis shield for offensive uses such as trapping the enemy or support ally Fafners as a jumping pad. During Exodus, Mimika didn’t use any other external weapons but rely solely on the Aegis Module.

– During The Beyond, after the Tsukuyomi has been upgraded into Einherjar model, the unit is seen using a twin-headed spear that can split into two segments. As Reo – Mimika’s boyfriend – is a martial artist, it is possible that she also trained with him. She was also seen using two beam pistols during the Plan L operation while fighting underwater as the Aegis shield isn’t as good. Just like other Island Fafner units, Tsukuyomi can utilize Fafner autonomous models to provide backup.

– Mimika and the Tsukuyomi’s SDP is “Shield”. When activated, the Tsukuyomi can create rectangular green worms that can nullify attacks as well as attack the Festum with it. The rectangular “wormhole” can act as a cuff to cut or twist the enemy. The Aegis Shields can also be strengthen with Mimika’s SDP, creating more powerful and wider shield to protect the unit and her comrades. However, before the implementation of the Einherjar module, Mimika’s SDP caused her body to develop black lumps. First they appeared on her back, then her face, which caused her to feel bad about herself and affect her performance, however Reo was able to cheer her up and the Einherjar model + Kazuki’s blessing cure her completely.

– At the start of the battle, Mimika usually shouts “Goubain Program, Activate!” which is a catchphrase from the Goubain manga. By the time of the 5th Operation Azure, it is likely that no such system exists and it’s just Mimika hyping herself up. The Goubain manga was used by the mechanic who created it to teach the user of the Mark Funf on how to fight using the “shields”. It was not until much later that an actual Goubain program was developed, but rather installed on the Mark Nicht.

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