Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury episode 13: A Stormy Return

YOSSHA LUCKY! G-Witch is back! With too many things that we could discuss, this episode review would be a long one (or short). So let’s jump into the details.

While the new OP “slash”, in my humble opinion, is not as good as “Blessing”, the 2nd Ending of G-Witch, [Red:birthmark] is far more superior, both melody-wise and animation-wise. Composed and lyric-written by TK (you know, [unravel]), no wonder why it felt incredibly similar to that song, from the tones to the styles of vocal range. Nonetheless, both the new OP and ED have lots of Easter eggs, hints that would require a whole different post for them, please tune in when we are ready to deliver them to you.

The season also started with the eye candy to reel us back in. We got a serial duel between Aerial and 5 other Mobile Suits at the school to “wash” away the Rebuild of the bloodshed at Plant Quetta. And of course, they are all grunts just to display some new design by famous mecha designers; and Aerial steam-roll all of them with some very clever tactics and beautiful animation. The Hipelis was pretty insane in terms of the equipment and design with a high-mega crotch cannon and 4 arms. But yep, the Rebuild with its unique Gund-Bits make quick work out of all of them with some beautiful beam firework.

The story followed right up when we were left. We saw how the last event affected the Earth House mentally. While Suletta has definitely, gradually felt more comfortable talking with others, there was a creepy vibe that reeked out when she encourages the chubby girl. Hopefully, I was wrong in this. Furthermore, the other students have seen real combat and have just a tiny taste of bloodshed, so many of them are shaken. Chuchu – however – is still standing strong and tall – truly the power pillar of the entire house. The relationship between Nika and Martin is going to be awkward now that he saw her sending some strange signals to the Dawn of Fold ship. But we also get clarification on Nika’s motivation.

From what we see, Nika is just your regular message bird, and just a small pawn in Shaddiq’s game. And now she wants out, but we all know once you stare at the abyss, the abyss also stares back at you. Nika doesn’t want to put her friends into any more danger and she also want nothing to do with the Dawn of Fold anymore. Well it certainly shine a better light on Nika but it’s also a danger flag for her in the future…well maybe not that far in the future as she was literally almost “Yamenasai’d” by the grumpy loli in the Pharact. If Suletta didn’t intervene, she would have been tomato puddle no.2; and it’s not like it was an empty threat but she was definitely gunning for Nika. Just one episode in and season 2 almost give us another body.

On the other hand, Shaddiq is doing something behind his adoptive dad nose. Considering what had happened to Bob and Jeturk’s CEO, his plan is not gonna be something good. But on the other hand, this opportunity allows Jeturk’s side to become weaker as the CEO now is Lauda, a greenhorn and definitely easier to manipulate than his dad, one stubborn but strong personality, suitable as the head of one of if not the strongest company in Benerit Group. However, all that political power struggle in the Benerit Group doesn’t faze Prospera at all, as she’s already preparing to advance to next step in her Quiet Zero plan…along with Miorine. This ominous plan with an equally ominous description will definitely be the end game of the series.

Also, he sent Norea and Sophie, the Witches from Earth to Asticassia definitely fishy. Ain’t no way he just sent them there for a nice study abroad. While Sophie seems to enjoy her moments with big sis Suletta, Norea focuses more on her negative side when she experienced Asticassia’s open campus. It’s interesting to see how the next episode event will come out, as the trailers indicated that Ur and Thorn will appear to have another fight with Aerial, but will it be in the next episode?


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