Mecha Profile: Fafner Mark Elf Kai “Susanoo” – Soukyuu no Fafner: Exodus

After Kazuki received the Mark Sein, the Mark Elf was upgraded and inherited by a third generation Fafner Pilot – Reo Mikado. He holds in his heart the courageous spirit of a lion and a samurai – standing on the frontline to protect his home, his family and the girl he loves – who also stand alongside him on the battlefield. The Fafner Mark Elf receives the name of the tempestuous god Susanoo – as it sweep through the battle with its raging blades.

I. History:
– After the arrival of Emery and Commander Makabe’s decision to send half of the Island’s force on the Expedition team, Tatsumiyajima need more Fafner pilots to protect the Island – and three 3rd generation pilots were chosen: Reo Mikado, Kaburagi Sui and Mimika Mikagami. They are the youngest of all Fafner pilots, but their potential is extremely high due to their upbringing and bonds with each other. Reo in particular has been training in the arts of kendo, is a highly disciplined pilot and brave.

– Reo was given the retrofitted Fafner Mark Elf after Kazuki stopped using it. The unit was named “Susanoo” by Canon as she was part of the mechanic team that retrofitted those Fafners. The three pilots use their Fafner and protect the Island from the Festum threat while their senpais are away on a mission. However, after many victories, the Festum adapted to the 3rd gen pilots fighting style, which led to a dangerous situation where they were helpless. At that time, Reo and the other pilots accepted the blessing of the Island and awakened their SDP – Super Dimensional Power – that helped them turn the tide. After Canon developed the Einherjar modules, the Susanoo was converted into the Einherjar model with new armor.

– Reo and the Susanoo continued fighting and protecting the island well into the Beyond. However, during an operation, he reached his limits as a Fafner pilot and succumbed to the assimilation phenomenon along with his lover – Mimika. The two were almost crystalized when Soushi(2) helped them with the Mark Nicht. Reo and Mimika were put into the assimilation chamber where they would most likely spend the rest of their life in a coma. The Mark Elf was assimilated by the Mark Nicht as a result.

– Fortunately, thanks to Miwa and the Mark Sein absorbing the extremely powerful Mir Altair and shared its blessings with the world at the end of the 6th Operation Azure, Reo and Mimika managed to awaken. After that, it is implied they got married and live happily together.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Mark Elf Kai is given the name “Susanoo” (based on Susanowo-no-mikoto – a deity of storms, sea, field, marriage and love). The original Mark Elf was retrofitted with new armor and a brighter blue color scheme. The numbering on the Elf Kai is XIV instead of XI. It is presumed that it still retain the same internal equipment such as the Razing Cutter, Mine Blade and others.

– Reo is a kendo practitioner, so his weapon of choice are mainly melee-oriented weapons such as the Levin Sword or the Luger Lance. He is also a Nitoryuu user so he usually dual-wield two swords at the same time. He has great technique and awareness of his surrounding, able to take down Festums with his sword effortlessly. He is also able to coordinate with Mimika for a combo attack. He usually dual-wields one Levin Sword and one Lance or 2 Levin.

– Reo and the Susanoo’s SDP is the ability to teleport. The unit envelopes itself in a green wormhole and teleports to another location of Reo’s choosing. After learning to master the ability, Reo is able to teleport his nearby allies as well as himself quite a long way. However, using his SDP will cause his body parts to “vanish” into thin air, leaving see-through holes in his body. It is not until Canon develop the Einherjar modules that he was cured. Before that, Reo also teleported himself uncontrollably even while outside of the Fafner.

– The Susanowoo is also equipped with 2 built-in serrated daggers on its forearms. It can be deployed when Reo want to engage in ultra-close combat. The Susanowoo can also communicate and send data to any other unit – friend or foe – through a wired connection. Reo was also seen commanding the autonomous-model Fafner drones.

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