Megaton Musashi SS2 EP 8 & 9: Godhammer Fortress Operation

With only 2 episodes we have seen a lot happen, from Yamato and Ryugo knowing Teru’s daughter or Arshem’s call to Dragor soldiers being answered and those soldiers becoming her much-needed strength for the epic battle for Godhammer’s fortress. However, not only the story line of the series but also the other parts are also very well done. Let’s find out in these 2 Musashi episodes what makes viewers feel so excited.

First, about the character Zaskar Dyne, he was introduced as guardian deity of Godhammer fortress but through these 2 episodes, this character really hasn’t left much impression on viewers other than that he is handsome, his robot is also beautiful and can rival Reiji’s Arthur. As for Yugra and Miysis, you can see a clear development in these two characters. Over time living and interacting with earthlings, they have become soldiers who do not always listen to their superiors, and especially Yugra, this guy now has a Loli who likes him (FBI OPEN UP). I’m not sure about the change in the character Miysis but Yugra is very well developed and it is possible that if these two don’t become teammates later on, the scenario of the two facing off is not exactly the bad one but classic.

As for Teru, in this episode 8 he built a DEATH FLAG for himself and left everything unfinished for Yamato and Ryugo to help finish. I hope this doesn’t happen despite the possibility that the story will go to the ending that Teru die and Yamato living with Arshem and raising Teru’s children (just recognize that all 3 of them have purple hair lol) and sometimes Uncle Ryugo came to see how Mirai is doing. About the Arshem group, this girl has a talent for attracting people because of her determination and charisma and now she has a whole army of her own. Great things are often harder to do than say, and surely even Sidr former soldiers choose to believe in Arshem’s admirable goals.

Next is the battle scenes, almost all of the fight scenes are in episode 9. It must be said that it is extremely attractive and dope. Satan’s debut and godhammer giant stance are both gorgeous – especially godhammer, the appearance of this fortress is likely taken from the game, with the dragon-like design that makes this fortress look like a boss in the game Fate/GO, YGO or Xenosaga. Any scenes where this dragon-shaped fortress appears, I get goosebumps because of the smoothness of its movement along with the light of the lines on its body that always move like the designs of gaming gear. the animator team must have worked hard. In addition, the battle scenes such as Arthur fighting Satan or the scene where Musashi uses the Muramasa technique are beautifully colored and adjusted.

About the music part, the song Kiseki no Inochi (Miracle life) is played when Teru tells his secret to Yamato and Ryugo in episode 8 as if it’s emotional about the relationship of a couple, a family or their child. Meanwhile, in episode 9, the song Metal Samurai, the opening song of Musashi game version is played as the climax, and performing the counterattack of the Yamato team when the support arrives in time.

Overall, These 2 episodes are extremely satisfying in terms of content, character development and visuals. Momoka finally found her father. The scenes drawn in the ending episode 9 are once again worthy of the audience’s photo gallery, which should be used as a wallpaper. There aren’t many episodes left and I still haven’t seen the appearance or intervention of Adam and Eve. I guess maybe Musashi will get a sequel because it feels like the whole series is only 1/2 or 2/3 of the storyline. I hope Level 5 continues to keep its tradition, an anime which is at least around 50 episodes.

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